Patons Flower Garden - what to do with it?!

Hi everyone,

I’m Lauren, I’m a relatively new knitter, I can do some pretty basic stuff, would like to learn more in the future, but as it stands at the moment, I’m too busy to learn! (I’m a student nurse, most of my time is taken up with studying, booo!).

Anyway, my mum had a few balls of Patons Flower Garden yarn (I believe it’s now discontinued), which she gave to me to have a play around with. I’m stuck for what to do with it! I figure it might make a pretty lightweight scarf for when the weather isn’t too cold, but I don’t quite know how to go about it. I’ve only really done nice thick, woolly scarves before.

Can anyone recommend something I might do with this yarn? I have about 260 yards to work with. I’d really appreciate your help! Thanks so much in advance!

How about a hat or fingerless mittens?

These are knit flat and will need seaming.

These are both knit flat and need double pointed needles. The DPNs are used for edging so technically you could do it w/o them I thin.

Knit in the round.