Patons Classic Merino Wool

Opinions on how this does as knitted up in a sweater? Is it too scratchy for a kid or would it be soft enough? Thanks

I just started the “Must Have Cardigan” using this. I would say it’s a bit too scratchy for a baby, but might be OK for a toddler?? Older kids would be fine unless they are more sensitive. My kids wouldn’t put up with it, but they are fairly sensitive about those things - heck they love Homespun :doh: .

Anyone else have any input?

I’ve only used it for felting. It felts GREAT, so be careful when washing it!

I looked at it for a sweater for myself and decided it’s way to scratchy. But then, my skin seems to be sensitive to a lot of pure wool types.

Have fun finding your yarn!

Thanks everyone! I thought as much, but wanted to get input from those who have used it. My dh thinks the sweater is too girly looking so I may go for something I can adapt for the 8 year old and the 1 year old and make them something matching. They are cousins and the older one would love it if Jackson had a matching sweater to his.

I just made a Must Have out of it and it feels great. My friend just made a sweater for her husband and it is really nice. I don’t think baby stuff would work, but for a cardigan, it’s fantastic. Friends DH may wear a tee shirt under it, but it feels great.