Patons Baby Orlon?

Long time lurker checking in, hoping someone can help me figure this out.

An acquaintence of mine received a cute baby hat as a gift and I asked her to track down the pattern from her friend (who I don’t know). Her friend was kind enough to mail me a copy of the pattern, but it doesn’t list the guage. :?? The specified yarn is Patons Baby Orlon, which I can’t find any info online about. Can anyone point me to a guage for this yarn so I can sub something close?

TIA and happy knitting.

What is the gauge listed in the pattern? And is the pattern lacy at all? My first guess is that it would be a fingering or baby weight yarn.

You might find help here

The pattern doesn’t list a guage. (What kind of pattern doesn’t list a guage?!? Yeah, yeah, a bad pattern…)

Thanks for the link to Patons, I’d already checked there, but maybe I can e-mail them for information.

No gauge??? :?? What needle size is called for? What I don’t understand is how you are supposed to get your knitting to the right size {even if you’re using the correct yarn} unless you have a gauge! Now for a baby hat, it’s not hyper-size-critical since they will grow into it eventually, but you would like to at least have an idea!!

I know it! Grrr. I’m an idiot for taking this on-- I’m just asking for a frustrating knitting experience. If I hadn’t seen the hat completed by someone else, I’d probably bag it. I asked my friend to check what yarn her friend used…

The pattern calls for No. 11 needles.

I guess I was hoping that someone here might have a skein of this yarn and could post the pertinent info. It’s a long shot.

Probably no help to you now but patins baby orlon is 3ply or light fingering with a gage of 8st per inch if anyone else is searching for this information. I had been searching the same information and have been able to come up with this from the pattern i have and another site, if anyone knows how many grams the balls were, id like to know