Patons 5250 Tunic

Good day. Did someone knit this before. Need help with the Front, Shape Neck. I have 123 sts on. When shaping I knit 41 sts and 19 on spare needle. That leaves me with 60 sts on the other side and not 41.


Is it this sweater?

I’m sure someone here can help working this out even if no one had made it before.

Can you type the couple of lines that your stuck on exactly as they are in the pattern and say which size you’re making as this would be helpful.

Hi. I am knitting the 97-102cm (38-40inch), biggest number on pattern. I always knit my 2 sides together to not making mistakes.
Shape neck - Patt 41 turn and work this side first. Keeping pattern correct, dec 1 st at the neck edge on next 6 rows (31sts). Work 9 rows, ending with RS facing.
Shape shoulder - Cat off 8 sts at beg of next and foll 2 alt rows. Work 1 row. Cast off rem 7 sts.

with RS facing, slop centre 19 sts on a spare needle, rejoin yarn to rem sts, patt to end. Work to match first side, reversing shapings.

Yes, the Patons 5250.

It says to dec 1 stitch at neck edge on the next 6 rows but this clearly doesn’t bring you down from 41 to 31 stitches.
Are there any arm shape decreases happening at the same time on the other edge? Sometimes there is both arm and neck shaping concurrently which could explain the discrepancy in these numbers
41 - 6 = 35 not 31.
There is also the discrepancy you mentioned before
41 + 19 = 60 for one side and saved stitches
123 - 60 = 63 for the other side

This might sound silly but have you checked and double checked the stitch count and instruction for the size you are making to see if you made a mistake somewhere? I’m so used to following patterns for the smallest size that I went wrong when I started a project in the second size and have to keep checking myself.

Although I can’t resolve your problem I am sure it can be solved, the knitters here are so helpful and knowledgeable.

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The math in this pattern is truly frustrating.
Make sure you’ve cast off for armholes and worked any armhole shaping before the neck bind off.
I can’t find any errata online so you may have to make this up as you go along. Probably easier to try out the shaping on one shoulder rather than both. Put in a lifeline before the rows quoted just to make it easier if you have to rip back (I hope not!). It looks like you would have 52sts at each shoulder assuming the 19sts are correct for the center neck.
Check the shoulder shaping on the back. That should match the front shoulder bind offs and the total number of sts at the shoulder bind offs will leave you with the number of sts that you’ll need to account for at the center neck and neck shaping.

Here’s a link to a lifeline if you haven’t used one.

Probably worth contacting Patons as well.

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Thank you very much. Will do the lifeline.

Thanks to everyone. I think I will get it now. Looked at another pattern with the same number of sts and round neck (collar). I will combine and I am sure that I will get it right now. Thanks for all your suggestions.