Pathetic beginner

Any advice appreciated:. Learned to knit and purl from book, then bought 5 one- pound skeins in compatible colors. Is there an easy/beginner way to knit a lap blanket from these? I have circular needles too, inherited a " knitting box" ages ago. Thank you!

Cast on about 42" worth using the needle size and gauge on the yarn label. If you’re above or below a little it should still be a lap sized blanket.

If gauge is 6 stitches per inch that’s 252 stitches which may not be beginner friendly for instant gratification, but I started yarning with a 8’x8’ tight single crochet blanket (I did take a break to make a smaller one for some gratification).
If you end up making 5 stitches per inch it’s 50" if 7 stitches per inch it’s 36".

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The easiest way to make a blanket would be as already suggested and then work in garter stitch, knit every stitch in every row, changing colors when you want to. When you want to change colors be sure to ask about it for tips. If you feel a bit more adventurous there are some free, easy patterns available. The link is to and you can join and have access to all kinds of cool stuff. It’s free and easy to join, and it’s safe. You won’t get spammed.|2&sort=created&query=lap%20blanket&view=captioned_thumbs&craft=knitting

I learned to knit here after learning knits and purls from a book.

ETA I don’t know if you can see the search results in the link if you haven’t joined already and are logged in.

Welcome! We were all beginners at one time or another. :slight_smile:

You could do as suggested or you could knit squares and sew them together. I’m on my phone right now, but tomorrow when I’m back on a reasonable device I’ll find some easy beginner patterns for you.

Thanks, Mike!
How did you do that calculation?
The yarn is medium (4) but doesn’t say how many stitches per inch; it does say 812 yds. The little diagram says 4" x 4", 20R, 16st. It is a 16 oz skein of Caron yarn. I bought 3 blue, 1 ivory and 1 beige, thinking blue-ivory-blue-beige-blue stripes (matches my living room).
Instant gratification not required, I have other small projects to trade off! Thanks again, Maggie

Thank you!

I told Mike, I bought 5 one-pound skeins, each is 812 yds, medium weight. I was going for stripes:
blue-beige-blue-ivory-blue. I could do 5 VERY long stripes, I think? (matches my living room) I could change colors with each skein? Thanks again,

Thank you very much! Anything is welcome. My 60-plus brain wants a new challenge…!

I’m 64 and learned to knit about 12 yrs ago so it can be done! :slight_smile: Okay here’s a few ideas.

A few stripes-

Log Cabin is fun to knit and not hard.

This one is knit in the round which you’d need a very long cable for the outside.

6 stitches per inch, if you want 42 inches, 6x42=252 (I just picked a number between 4’ and 3’ for a small blanket).
4"x4", 20R 16st means 20 rows for 4", 16 stitches for 4". 4 stitches per inch seems pretty big. I guess my Simply Soft says 18 stitches, 4.5 per inch. I get more like 6, but went with a bigger needle the last cabled sweater to make it softer.

You could knit a little 4x4 swatch to see what you get and if you like how it is (tighter stitches are a stiffer fabric, looser makes a softer fabric).

4- 5 stitches per inch is usually considered medium weight (#4). What needle you used depends on your personal gauge AND the fabric you like. Most medium weight yarns suggest about a US 8 needles. I personally knit very loose so I go down to a 6 -7 most of the time. :slight_smile: Experience will tell you what works for you.