Pass second slip stitch over

I have a baby blanket I’m working on and the trim around the edge has you slip two stitches and then pass the second slip stitch over. I’m passing over the second stitch farthest down the right needle after they are slipped. It appears to indent the side of the knitting. Would it really mean the first stitch since it would have been the second stitch slipped from the left needle? Anyone familiar with this?

What specifically do they say about where the stitches are coming from. There is a stitch that slips from the left to the right and one that slips from the right to the left. Can you put in exactly what the pattern says?

I would bet you are slipping those 2 sts together as if to knit, so you are twisting them, THEN you slip the st that is most to the right… Yes?

This is the instructions from the pattern.

Row 19: Sl 2, k1,pass second slip stitch over, yo, k 2 tog, yo, k 2 tog, yo, k 2 tog, k1 – 9 stitches.

I’ve gone ahead and done it using the second stitch to the right however it does indent. I’m now in the process of stitching all of the pieces together. This is a beautiful piece in the picture however sewing it together has been holding me up. It doesn’t lay as nice as I would have liked. Any suggestions on sewing panels together? You have to like the instructions:Sew 7 panels together.

This is my favorite seaming technique–virtually invisible!

Totally off topic…When I’m at work and looking at this site, i often click on the links you guys post, however we have a filter here at work, and they usually say “blocked for hobbies” BUT, when I clicked on ingrid’s link for the seaming technique it says “blocked for category SEX”! LMAO! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: What sort of “technique” are you advertising?? LOL!

:roflhard: It’s Amy’s mattress stitch!!! :roflhard: