Pashminas, anyone? :)

I am new to knittinghelp and will be teaching myself how to knit again. My mother taught me when I was little and still knits, so I have that going for me :smiley:
I would like to make a pashmina - partly because I want one and partly because I think that it shouldn’t be a difficult project.
Does anyone have a great pashmina pattern? :smiley:

What is pashmina?

I looked it up at, and it said:

pash·mi·na (pāsh-mē’nə) Pronunciation Key
Fine, downy wool growing beneath the outer hair of feral Himalayan goats.
A soft fabric made of this wool.

That’s all I can tell you. :shrug:

From what I have seen, a pashmina is one of those shawl-type wraps, but it is rectangular instead of triangular :slight_smile:

From what I have seen, a pasdhmina is a shawl-type wrap but is more rectangular thantriangular.

This is a pashmina, it is a rectangular wrap. Our (Dutch) crown princess used to be famous for wearing them. Hope this helps!

Ohhhh, the picture’s not coming up :frowning:
Could you please repost it? :smiley:

Hmm that’s odd, I wonder what happened to the link. :shrug:
I did a Google search and found this site that sells them, I am not in any way affiliated with them and I think they are horribly expensive, but this is the link to the page with pashminas.

Yes Yes! That’s what I want to make - just like the dark turquoise one…
Do you know where I could find a pattern? :smiley:

Yes Yes! That’s what I want to make - just like the dark turquoise one…
Do you know where I could find a pattern? :smiley: has a lot of shawl patterns. Since it is just a rectangle you could use any stitch pattern that you wanted. However, you will not get the same effect with a handknit “pashmina” as with one cut from woven fabric.


If you do find a stitch pattern you like and a nice lightweight yarn, you could get the drapey effect (might have to use smaller needles too).

I love this idea!

Edited to Add:

Lion Brand showed a couple “spring wraps” recently. These could work if you just made them longer and wider, and you could also just skip the join so it’s one long rectangle.

A link is here
Another here
And a third

Welcome to KH and back into knitting!

Here’s some info on pashmina for those interested:

Pashmina is most commonly referred to shawls (and other similar accessories) made from a fiber similar to cashmere that is obtained from a breed of goat up in the Himalayan mountains.
They are traditionally very expensive (as is cashmere), very warm, very soft and very fine. Some say a test of pashmina is to pass it through a wedding ring.

In India, we usually call them Kashmiri shawls. But they are also made in Nepal and in some mountain areas of India just south of Nepal.

If you’re unable to find affordable pure pashmina yarn, I would think cashmere would be a good substitute.
A lot of the times, shawls and yarn marketed as “pashmina” are just cashmere blends.

Happy knitting!

Recently i bought one from The Wool Company. It has Amazing colours, fabulous fabric; light & floaty pashminas.
So soft.Natural !!

I got one from a friend last year for Christmas, in fact I’m wearing it right now as it’s chilly in my house. I don’t think a knitted one will look exactly the same, but I have been wanting to try to make one similar. I don’t have the proper yarn for something like that right now (I only have 4-ply and no sock/fingering yarn, yet). :frowning:

I found the Pashmina Shawl that sold on amazon. maybe it will inspire you… Here’s the link —>

Pashmina can refer to the wool of a number of cashmere producing goats or it can refer to certain shawl/scarf designs which are traditionally made from Pashmina yarn.

I have one, commercially-made that I purchased in the boonies in Alberta (?!)

It is rectangular, has tassels and appears to be woven fabric? I took a photo of the right side and the wrong side.

I have one that I bought in a tiny shop in the middle of nowhere in Canada many, many years ago.

I have no idea what it is made out of but I would swear it’s wool of some sort and it has a “wrong side” that looks woven. It’s warm and beautiful and I love it.