Papyrus for ancient Egyptian heiroglyphics, anyone?

So, to put it shortly, I’m writing in Egyptian heiroglyphs for a school project, and I would really like to write them on papyrus paper for an authenticish look.
But I don’t know if it’s sold anywhere or even good for doing a school project on. So of course I must first ask yall knowlegable KHers for some help :slight_smile:

Even though this is a kind of random and rare need, can anyone point me in the right direction?

I googled it and couldn’t really find anything useful. It doesn’t seem like it is being sold, or if it is, it isn’t easy to find.
Something I liked to do in school for that “authentic” look was stain paper with tea. Just use a wet tea bag and drag it along the page. This results in similar colouring to the papyrus paper that I’ve seen pictures of. I also used to burn the edges of the pages to make it look old (I don’t quite know why it would be old and therefore burned?).

OOH! COOL! I was going to suggest you do the paper making thing, but Mason’s link is awesome!! I had software forever ago that was heiroglyph fonts…

I don’t know if this helps, but in Egypt most of the souvenir papyrus is really printed on banana leaves instead- it looks the same but is much cheaper.

Also found a link for you on ebay

Good luck!

Thank you!!! :hug: