Pants Pattern

I am trying to start this tights/pants pattern and just wondering if anyone could help. I am confused with the part that says for the right leg at the bottom:

“Cont to work double inc in this position working 1more st before the inc every time and alternating the form of inc as on here 2 inc rows; further incs are worked at intervals of 8 cm twice more, then at intervals of 5 cm four times, then at intervals of 3 cm four times, then at intervals of 2 cm eight times. Work five rounds without shipping then leave these stitches.”
I’m confused on how many sts I am suppose to have.

I’m also confused on the left leg as well as how do I separate the two legs. Thank you.

There are 20 increase rounds total with 2 sts increased per row for a total of 40sts increased.

The legs are knit separately, right leg first then left using a new end of yarn. Is the question how to join the two legs? Again with a new end of yarn cast on 15sts the rib around all the sts of the left leg. When you come to the beginning of the round for the left leg, cast on another 15sts and then rib around the sts of the right leg. When you come to the beginning of round for the right leg, join to the initial 15sts that were cast on.

Interesting pattern!

Yes I was asking how to join the two legs, thank you so much for the help and the chart. It is indeed, I thought it would be written differently but it is an older pattern.