Panic crisis... need to undo a three-needle bind-off

Dear all,

I was so happy with my first three-needle bind-off this morning… that my heart just stopped when I realized I had done it with the wrong sides facing each other :waah:.

So I desperately need to undo the 3-needle bind-off (thanks God it’s only 8 stitches)… or, I’ll need to start all over again :wall:

Any help will be obviously very much appreciated!


You just undo whatever you did to keep the last stitch from coming undone and then pull on it like any bind off and it will undo for you like a regular bind off. Be prepared to catch the stitches as they come loose, but don’t worry about them over much, they usually don’t try to go anywhere that much. Just get them on needles and then you can deal with straightening them out so that they sit the right way on the needles.

If you have already worked in the tail that would be the hardest part to undo. Hopefully you didn’t do that.

Of course I did, silly me :nails:

Thanks a lot for your reply… gonna try it after lunch… I think I just might everything even worse right now…

Thanks thanks thanks!