Panda Pattern?

I would like to know if anyone has come across a knit panda pattern (I only know basic crochet, so that wouldn’t do!). Last time I asked everyone here for a cat pattern, and they were really helpful, so I thought I’d try it again.

If you find anything, please, send me a link!


This site has one for sale, a small one.

That is the only knit one I could find - there are lots of hats and afew crochet patterns.

I hope you can find what you are looking for!

There’s a book called “world of knitted toys” that has all kinds of animals, including pandas. And a wallaby… I find that incredibly random

Here’s one but it’s not free;

Here’s a crochet one but I think you said you didn’t want to try
that yet;

If you’ve found a pattern that is crochet where you like the finished
product, I’d love to see it and try and make it for you - good practice
for me.

Thanks for your suggestions.
I like that etsy design, and I was wondering if there was a sure way to reduce a pattern. I’ve made a (scaled-down) pengiun before using a pattern I’ve found on on, but the end result was cute…in a funny kind of way. Its face was lopsided. Any suggestions?

I’ve actually seen that “world of knitted toys” book at my library, so I’ll be placing it on hold.

Thanks again!

I found the cutest bear pattern at a free crafting site, it would be easy to add the black eye patches.

Here’s another pattern I really like.

Hope it helps

Thanks you for the patterns! I really like that “bear essentials” one, though not so much the daddy-long-legs variety of bear in the bottom left corner of the pic. I think that will be a separate project.
But first things are first!