Pan Handler pattern from frugalhaus

I just got a new set of cast iron skillets, and I’d like to make these handle covers to go on them. :slight_smile:

I’m confused about the pattern though. It says :

"Starting at one end, cast on 5 sts. Row 1: Knit in front and back of each stitch across, 10 sts. Knit 1, purl 1 across row (ribbing st.) "

That is for the first 2 rows, right? THe first row, I knit in front and back of each stitch, then for row TWO, I k1p1 across. Is that right?

Then it says :

“Start Pattern: Knit first st., bring yarn to front, and slip next st. as if to Purl, repeating between 8”s across row.”

OK, so I knit the first stitch, then slip the next one purlwise… then it says “repeating between 8"s across row”. What the heck does THAT mean? Do I knit every other stitch and slip every other stitch, are they saying to repeat that across the whole row?

If anyone can help I’d appreciate it!! I would love to whip these up this afternoon if I have time.


Everything you said is correct. The first directions are for the two rows, and you knit, slip all across the row. I think she forgot to shift to get * instead of 8. :rofling:

Cool! I started this project and have about two inches done. This is a really neat way to see how double knitting works. It will only take a little while to do too! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.