Painted Desert GREEN vest

Am knitting Painted Desert GREEN vest…Have joined both fronts to the back at shoulder. Pattern tells how many sts to pick up from each side and the neck. However the part between the front and the neck is a sloped area. The instructions do not account for that section. It is definitely not included in the instructions for picking up the FRONT edges Garment design by Eva Varpio. Pattern from “Knitting Fever” I`ve looked for errata etc…no help there. Can someone please help me. Thank you

Hi mairmie,
I emailed Knitting Fever and they confirmed that the directions for the fronts at the neck are missing. The summary of their reply is posted in your earlier post, linked here.

[quote=“salmonmac, post:2, topic:129793”]
[/quote]Imust have missed your previous post regarding my question about the Painted Desert Green Vest . How can I access it?

You can probably do a search under your name (see the magnifying glass in the upper right of the page) or under the topic of the post.
I usually click on the circle to the left of your name that has the initial on it. A window pops up with some information but click on the large circle and more choices appear. Choose Summary and an index of your posts will come up.

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