Painted Desert Green vest help

Am knitting Painted Desert Green Vest from Knitting Fever.After knitting the back and both sides(in double moss stitch) I joined the front sides to the back as instructed. Then:picked up 60 sts from right front starting at bottom.then 34 sts along neck edge.My question is: the neckline is not mentioned at all. Im convinced that the instructions for the front neckline were omitted.I dont think that the neckline is merely a continuation of the side as that would give far more than the sixty sts asked for. Can you help please. I`d love to finish this vest before cooler Fall weather sets in. Thanks for any and all help.

You’re probably right. The number of sts seems a bit skimpy to cover the front edge and the scoop neckline. The sts for the back neckline don’t seem like enough either to cover the neckline. You could start picking up sts and see how it goes. I almost always pick up a few more or less than a pattern calls for because I don’t want the front to pull in or ripple.
It’s worth sending a note to Knitting Fever to ask about the pattern, too.

ETA: Note to KnittingFever confirmed that the sts for the scoop fronts are missing and suggested picking up about 2sts/3 rows here.

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Thank you for the info. Mairmie