Paintball attack on my car

I live in a gated community. Last night my car got attacked with what appears to be paintballs. GRR I am SOOOO mad. This is the 3rd time in 4 months that something has happened to my car!!! last time someone took the registration sticker of my license plate. I am getting sick of this. We have security. Every time I report it. I am the only person that this happens to. Now I have to leave work early in order to get my car detailed. At least the HOA is going to go over the security tapes to see if they can see anything. but I doubt it. the cameras only cover small areas.

:hug: that stinks!! I hope you can figure out soon who is doing it…

Ugh! I hope you find out who is doing this. At least your HOA is attempting to do something, mine wouldn’t.
Our neighborhood had the “trash can pyromaniac” a few months back. That was fun getting woke up at 2am by a neighbor and seeing everyone’s garbage can on fire. Real nice to have to clean up burnt plastic off your driveway too.
I hope you find out who the culprit is or at least they get scared and stop doing it.

:hug: Well, that just totally s*cks. I hope the HOA helps you out. Is there anyway they could set up a camera (at least temporarily) that would “survey” your driveway and maybe catch the person in the act? At least maybe then the thought of them being “filmed” would scare them away.

Vandals suck. :ick:

I’m so sorry. :hug:

Thank you all for your kind words. the security camera pan stops right before my car. They just have to turn it. Soooo I am hoping that they turn it or set up the swivel thingie so it does a swoop to capture my car We also have night security that they just hired a month before so maybe he saw something. hopefully. I’m supposed to hear back from them tomorrow. I just hope the vandalism stops since it seems I am the only person that is hit. I wouldn’t take it personally if it wasn’t just me. if someone has an issue why won’t they just KNOCK ON THE DOOR!

Start chatting it up that you are setting up a camera to catch them, even if you don’t. If it’s someone in your neighborhood it will quickly get around to them and they’ll stop.
I had some goon that kept stealing my newspaper. I told everyone that I knew that I got up now at 6am to see the paper delivered and I was watching out the front window to see who it was that was so cheap they had to steal a paper. I never had a paper ripped off again, the neighborhood telegraph worked. :teehee:

That stinks! I don’t understand why people have to do stuff like that. Hope they catch the culprit(s)!

I’m so sorry that you’re having trouble with vandalism, but from what you’ve said it sounds like the person/persons doing this has knowledge that the security camera doesn’t pan to your car. You can buy “fake” cameras that look like the real thing, maybe if you could get one and install it so that it looks like it’s filming your car, the troublemaker/s might decide that it’s not worth the risk. I sure hope that this stops for you, it’s just such a pain in the rear end to have to deal with others causing trouble.

I got my car detailed and thankfully it all was able to be removed. the car washers had to go in several times but they were able to remove all the damage even what appeared to be gum!! on my roof. ugh those punks. So update on hoa. they are going to step up security patrols and see if they can pan the camera. I found out that they threw a brick in someone else car. They think they know who is committing the vandalism and are trying to catch them so hopefully soon they will. keeping my fingers crossed.

:hair: That sucks. Keep us updated:muah:

We had a family in our apartment complex that was loud, rude and disrespectful of other tenants. (EX: They would have loud, drunk parties on Tuesday nights and then light off FIREWORKS at 2 am). It was a mom and her teenage son and whoever else the teenage son wanted to invite to live with them for awhile. There were always people coming and going. And strangely, no one appeared to have to go to work.

Right after they moved in, people’s cars started getting broken into and things started disappearing from people’s patios. When our tires got slashed (ours and everyone else who was parked in our row!) we called the office, and they told us NOT to report it to the police. That they wouldn’t do anything anyway.

Whatever…we called the police and filed a report. No, they couldn’t find whoever did it, but we wanted a public record.

This family threw a party one weekend while we were gone and the police were called in because they had several drunk 13 and 14 year olds running through the parking lot of the nursing home next door, SCREAMING their guts out. That still didn’t get them evicted.

Then, one night, they just moved out. Trashed their apartment, and moved out.

I was so angry about the whole thing because I pay rent to live in a community that I feel should be safe for me and my family. I think that the managment should have done SOMETHING to make sure that one set of tenants wasn’t harassing all the others. I hope your HOA takes this really seriously and steps up their game. If they don’t, start sending them the bills for the crap you have to clean up. Maybe that would help them to move the camera just a little bit more.

:noway: :noway: Those people sound INSANE!!!

One thing I appreciate is our HOA takes things seriously. and they are investigating and will take the proper measures and file charges if necessary to stop the vandalism and are hiring extra security.

Wish our HOA was that way. I live in a gated community, 75 houses of 400K and above price tags. The family living next to me when we bought here decided they needed an even bigger house and built one a block away. OK, fast forward to the time they finished their new house. The housing market slowed and they couldn’t sell their old house so they decided to rent it to some heathens who have drunken parties on weekdays, leave their four dogs out to bark all day, have left meth in their driveway for neighborhood kids to pick up, speed through the neighborhood and who never have the same people living there more than a month. Our HOA told us and the surrounding neighbors who have complained to “love thy neighbor”. :roflhard:
A whole bunch of weirdos took over our HOA and there’s so many of them that there aren’t enough volunteers to over throw them and get them out. They won’t enforce the deed restrictions because it’s against their religion (their words, not mine) to be mean to their neighbors so the rest of us suffer. I can’t wait for the market to turn around even the slightest bit so we can bail out of here. Our other two neighbors have their homes for sale right now but have no offers.

Sorry, I was actually aiming for the squirrel on top of the car. :shrug:

You know, you can get a fake camera, if you don’t want to spring for a real one, that rotates and has a red blinking light on it. I’ve seen them way up high on homes, and apparently, the creepoids look for cameras before doing anything, as they don’t want to be caught on tape.

Against their religion? Didn’t know that lazy is a religion.

We actually have a cctv camera on our house. As long as you have permission from the authorities and you have a sign stating that the person is being taped then over here (u.k) it is legal. Perhaps you might want to look into it. Shame it’s happened, resprays don’t come cheap.

What religion is that? I mean, I’m a Christian, and I try to be really tolerant…but when people are being downright disrespectful of other tenants and are involved in illegal activities…well, the loudest squeak gets the grease, my friend. Geez…even in the New Testament church…everyone was expected to take care of each other (very socialist way of doing things actually…kind of utopian) and if one person was being selfish or hurting others, they were warned and then they were expelled from the group.

I have no idea, it’s just what they told me and some other neighbors. We all decided at that point it was fruitless to argue with them. :???: