Paid $20 to remove a splinter!

Yes, really.

Took our 4 year old dd to the playground the other day…one of those huge treated wood monstrosity of a “fun zone” kind of places. (It’s ugly, but good golly…it’s wicked fun!). Dd was chasing me up the stairs to the slide and wouldn’t you know it…got a big ole splinter in her thumb. Two seconds after we got there!

When we got home later, we tried the old peroxide trick (with little slivers, just pour peroxide over it and it will bubble the sliver out!), but her splinter was to big (think triangular and we couldn’t find the opening to get it out).

Dh and I sat on the floor with dd and tried to get it out with a needle and some tweezers, but she was hysterical and freaked out every time we tried to touch it. So we made an appointment with our family doctor.

HE USED A SCALPEL! And she didn’t even flinch or whimper.

Stinker! It cost us a $20 copay to get it out, and everyone thinks we’re nuts for taking her to the dr for a splinter, but hey, it had to come out. You can’t just leave it in there.

Hey you gotta do what you gotta do. When I would get splinters my dad would have to hold me down while my mom used the tweezers to get it out since I would completly FREAK out! The neighbors probably thought my parents were beating me or something.

Lol… y’know at times it’s just how it goes… there i am in the kitchen as a child, crying because i got a splinter, and I start crying even harder when my dad approaches me with the tiniest, thinnest of sewing needles… he may as well have been holding a sharpened axe…

“Owowowowowowowowowowowowwwwwww” I go
"But I haven’t even touched it yet" says Dad…
“Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Say I…
“All done” says Dad
"What?" Says me…

bless him! Sometimes it’s just the thought of it more than the actual pain. Right?! Lol…

When my brother and I were kids, our dad would use a needle-nose pliers to pull out our extremely loose baby teeth. We would get so anxious about as he gripped that little tooth and counted 1, 2 … 3! And it only took a couple times to figure out that it was pulled out by 1 or 2!! (Painless as could be…)

my kids get them and you just get the tweezers and peroxide out and they go crazy…then your are trying to hold them and the tweezers and it’s a big ol’ mess…I don’t blame you :teehee:

we would get them growing up and wouldn’t tell mom or dad…and then of course the skin would grow over and dad would approach us with his pocket knife …it would have been so much easier and you would think that we would’ve learn this early on too (didn’t)…to just let them know when we first got them…:teehee:

$20 is worth the sanity of getting it out safely. Been there done that. Daughter believed in her pediatrician so much I think she would have let him cut her arm off w/out a thought.
She had this splinter. Wouldn’t let me touch it. Wouldn’t let grandparents touch it… so… off to the Dr… he had it out in 1 minute… but made a big deal of how big a girl she was… Big bandage…lol the whole deal.

He whispered to me afterward when I was stating I could have removed it… … it is the “Dr” factor… I’m trained… lol
I gave him a hug and he lol.
It was worth the co-pay… had to do it a few times, and worth not having to try to hold a crying screaming child.

lol - I hear ya all. My daughter was the worst (as was I when I was a child). You would have to chase her around the house and hold her down while she yelled “I can’t believe you would do this to your own daughter!” Oh boy what the neighbors must have thought. She was (is) quite dramatic!!!

My sweet Mom would always wait until I was asleep, then I would wake up all splinter-free :slight_smile: She was awesome!!

I remember my mom sitting on me to get one out. She could never leave anything alone! It would drive her crazy until she messed with it. I also remember her sitting on my chest to get eyedrops in me. I am not a big baby and not a drama queen but I cannot put things into my eyes. I can touch them with my finger, though. I’ll never wear contacts!

Crazy I know, but when my son had a splinter he would rather keep the splinter than allow us to get it out. We clean it and then the “Splinter Fairy” comes to get it while he sleeps (He is a deep sleeper!) You always know when the Splinter Fairy has been to you house because she leaves a Bandaid.
Now if the Splinter Fairy wasn’t able to get out the spinter, I would gladly pay $20.

Better to pay $20 and get it out now than $100 at the ER when it gets all infected and really painful…

Aww. Sounds like me when I was little. We had these tweezers specifically for splinters that had a little magnifying glass attached. I would have completely flipped if my dad ever used a needle.

Legally, as a nurse, I cannot remove a splinter that does not have a clear end sticking out, as a Mom, I can do my best.

I had one of my staff come to me with a BIG deep splinter in his thumb
told me he did not CARE, just take it OUT
I used my Cuticle scissors to get TO it, then just lifted it out of the notch. He said it hurt more to let go of it to SHOW me, than for me to actually take it out.

He trusts my medical advice now, we are buddies

My daughter (6) had a big 'ol splinter about 2 weeks ago. My mom and dad have old hard wood floors (we were visiting my parents) and she was running around barefoot and a piece of the floor ended up right in her heel. It was in pretty deep, none of the splinter was outside of the skin.

Initially, when she saw the tweezers, a sewing needle, and peroxide, she didn’t want my mom or me going anywhere near her foot, but, after telling her she could help, she let us have a try at it. Eventually it got to the point where she herself was pushing back the skin with the sewing needle (which ended up being quite a bit of skin) while my mom and I took turns trying to grasp the splinter with the tweezers.

I just couldn’t get over how brave she had been, poking her foot repeatedly with a needle while my mom and I tried to get it out with the tweezers! There’s no way I would have done that to myself at age 6! I cried my eyes out over getting my ears pierced when I was 5…And, of course, my daughter didn’t even flinch when she got her ears pieced…At the same age!!! LOL

Thank God for peroxide! Julianne & I were messing around earlier tonight and thought it would be fun to pour it in our belly buttons. We didn’t get the foamy reaction we were expecting. We did giggle a lot.

My sweet DH was an ER nurse for twenty years. He could get a splinter out of a kid before they knew what hit them. Would bring in a big metal glass of ice, have them hold it, or put their foot on it (whatever it took) then when the site was numb, he’d get it out.

I was an ER nurse also, for awhile, the only kid I could never work on was my own, lol. Always had to have his Dad handle his ‘owies’.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

That is so funny!

You can’t even tell today that dd had a splinter. It’s just one little teeny tiny pink dot. I am really glad we have such an awesome dr. He is so good with her.

Our hardest thing was that she is surprisingly strong for a 4 year old. I was holdint her, and dh was holding just the hand and he couldn’t hold it still long enough to get the needle in, let alone start moving the splinter.

Honestly, it was worth the $20. Just don’t tell dh I said that!:teehee:

Best tweezers to remove splinters are the ones that come in a Swiss Army Knife, no kidding. They are super thin, almost razor sharp and can grab ahold of even the toughest splinter.

I second that! Seriously, they are the best tweezers ever!