P2tog tbs

I know how to K2tog tbl but how do I do this with the purl stitch? I seem to get the yarn wrapped round the needle.

I’m working a pattern with that stitch and the way I’ve done it is to take the work on your left needle and turn it around so those two stitches you need to purl together through the back loop are facing you. Then, just insert the right needle into those two stitches starting with the second stitch then the first stitch, and purl them together. It’s an aggravating stitch but sometimes that’s just part of knitting. There may be an easier way, but that’s how I’ve been doing it.

Click on the “Glossary” tab at the top right of this page. It explains commonly used abbreviations. Most have videos, too!

P2togtbl is shown on the glossary page for both english and continental knitters.

I do it the way Sknitter56 does it, but I just want to add that I turn, insert the needle as she said, right to left into the two stitches and then I turn it back so that the right side is facing me to yarn around and draw up my loop. Maybe it works another way too, but that works for me.

Maybe I have an easier time, knitting German / continental style? I bring the yarn to the front, poke my right needle into the stitches on the back side of my work and do my purl.
With throwing the yarn… I have no personal experience so I can not describe that.

hyperactive, I also knit Continental so I don’t think that is the real issue. I know I can do it like you say you do, but I just have better luck doing it the slow way. :slight_smile: Sometimes I do it your way, which is really the right way, but if I’m knitting a bit tight or something it is just easier to get the needle in the right place by turning.

with tight knitting I find, things with double stitches (knit or purl of even slip) turn easier, when you first insert your needle in only the first stitch for a moment and pull it a slight bit. That pulls in the slack from the right hand side of the fabric that you have already knit.
then insert in both stitches and do your action.
I automatically do this whenever things get tight in the process and it makes it SOO much easier!