P2tog TBL

OK…I know HOW to do this, I just hate doing it. So. Does anyone have a trick to get a left leaning decrease on the purl side?

Wow…no one has any tips? LOL…well, here’s what I’ve tried and it seems to work…Purl the first stitch, place back on the left needle, slip the second stitch over the first and put the stitch back on the right needle.

But a better result was this: I slipped both stitches purlwise, then put them back on the left needle, one at a time, twisted. Then I purled as usual. It actually was easier, although not faster, but it works.

Great tips! I’ve never had the pleasure of doing this stitch before.

Here’s how I do a P2tog tbl… With the yarn in front, I first flip the left needle’s left end to the right and away from me so that the back side of the two stitches I need to purl together are facing me. The I run the right hand needle into the 2nd stitch from the needle tip, then 1st stitch, moving the RH needle from right to left. Then move the LH needle back into normal position and complete the P2tog.

I find it easier that way and saves all the fuss of moving stitches around. But whatever works for each person is best for them.

That’s brilliant. Thank you!