P2tog tbl

Is there an easier way to purl two together through the back loop?? I’m having to turn my work to the wrong side to get my needle through both back loops. Is it just me, or is this how it’s done?? Help!

No, there’s no easier way :shrug: P2togtbl is a pain, I think many of us struggle with it. Especially if you’re a tighter knitter to begin with, like I am. Sorry I don’t have better news for you!

You could try slipping the stitches individually knitwise, then put them back on the left needle and ptbl. Sort of the reverse of SSK…


Thank you both for your help. I thought maybe there was a shortcut I could take to make it easier. Guess not. I’m not a very tight knitter, but I’m kinda snug, so it can be difficult. I’ll just have to muddle through :neutral:

You could slip those two stitches onto a really thin dpn and ptbl from that–might make it easier.

Ingrid…that’s a really good idea. Think I’ll try that and see how it works. I imagine you can guess why I’m asking. And those darn yo’s. Miss just ONE and it’s all out of whack. Preserverance is the key. Thanks for the suggestion. One more question…should the two stitches be slipped purlwise or knitwise? I’d guess purlwise but just want to be sure.

Yes, just slip purlwise so you don’t twist them and make it even harder!

ETA - I also find that when I have to purl tbl, if I poke the point of my needle between the second and third stitches, it helps me to guide it back just enough to get it in where I need it to be. It kind of avoids the risk of just pushing the two stitches off, or missing the first loop.