P2sso purl st

help please. trying knotted mesh pattern. don’t understand this phrase. i know that sso means to slip stitch over but what stitch is that?

thanks for any help.

What does the whole row say? Does it say slip 2 stitches before this? I think w/o knowing the previous part it means “pass 2 slip stitches over.”

Some patterns will use that as in - sl 2, k1, p2sso instead of just sl 2, k1, psso, to tell you to pass both slipped sts over the knit stitch.

the instructions say: row 2: K3, *k1, knit first yo lp, purl 2nd yo lp, p2sso purl st; rep from * to last 3 sts, k3.

i understand the other abbreviations, just not that section. it’s a 2 row pattern called knotted mesh.


That is different. Are there any explanations in the pattern notes, up in the first part before the cast on instructions?

nope. it just says to work first 3 and last 3 sts very7 loose to cover vertical spread of lace…
this is my first view of this website and it is wonderful!

Can you give us the name of the pattern or a link to it? That might help us help you with this.


the pattern is called ’ knotted mesh’

Not quite what we meant, though that’s the stitch pattern. Is it from a book, a pattern site online…?

I found this one - it looks like it’s similar to yours, but with more explanation.

Row: 2 - * k2 (the first st and the yo loop), p1 (the second yo loop); then pass the 2 knit stitches over the purl stitch, repeat from * ending k1

There’s a pattern for the Sparkle Scarf here (page 27) that uses the knotted mesh pattern stitch. I tried a few rows and it works if you pass the 2 [I]previously worked[/I] sts over the purl stitch. It’s funny that they don’t define p2sso since they’re careful to define the increase stitches.

that is the exact pattern page i have! you ladies are all amazing. i can’t believe just how much help is available on this site. i am very grateful to everyone who tried to help me. THANKS!

going to try it again tonight and i feel optimistic now.