P1, inc. in next st., k2, inc. in next st., P1.?

im fairly new to knitting and i am trying to make me some fingerless gloves, im confused when it says P1, inc. in next stitch. does it was me to purl 1, increase one ,knit one , increase one? i dont know if the “in next stitch” part is just in there to confuse me
thanks for the help in advance

It probably means k1, then increase with a kfb in the next stitch. If you usually do a M1 for an increase, you’d k2, M1.


eta: oops, I meant p1, kfb. Then you would continue with K2, kfb, p1. Or if you use M1 for an inc, it’d be p1, k1, M1, k3, M1, p1.

I think it’s probably P1, move your working yarn to the back, increase in the next stitch on your left needle (M1 or KFB). If you P1, increase, K1, increase, you’ve added two stitches rather than just one. What does the rest of the pattern say?

ETA: Now that I look at the title of your post, here’s what I’d do. P1, increase in the next stitch with a M1, then K2, then another M1, then P1. There are videos for different M1s here: http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/basic_techniques/increase.php
I use M1F. It allows you to increase in the yarn between stitches, which I think makes it easier to follow the rest of your pattern.