*Oye* Cat problems

Ok, I am NOT a cat person, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a heart. About a month ago a kitten showed up at my doorstep, I took her in because, well, I’m a sucker. She’s been living in the basement (completely finished, my studio is down there) of the house and doing great.

Well, I just let the dogs (3) out into the back yard and two more kittens are at my back door. However, these are really sorry looking. Yellow goopy stuff all around their eyes. Is my best bet to bring them to the local HS? I’m afraid to bring them in the house if they have something. What do you guys/gals think??? :help:

They might have cat flu, it’s contagious and might give it to your other cat unless it’s already vaccinated against it, bring them to the cat shelter/vet.

I agree - do not bring them into the house, bring them to the vet. They may be very sick. Oh - and if you touched them please be sure to wash your hands before petting your other cat. Not saying you wouldn’t but just a reminder :wink:

Definitely don’t bring them into the house. It could be something relatively minor like an eye infection, but you don’t know at this point and you don’t want it to spread. If you can’t take them then taking them to the HS is probably a good idea.

Dont let them anywhere near your kitten. Could just be conjunctivitis and meds would clear it up or it could be something really nasty. I would be disinfectiong the back steps etc too!

i agree with the others, take them to the HS.

To my amazement, a friend of a friend heard about the kittens and took them in tonight! :woot:


That’s wonderful! Good on your friend. :slight_smile:

If any more kitties show up, before the Humane Society or a shelter, you might want to see if there is a no-kill cat shelter in your area. Many of them will take sick cats and nurse them to health. Shelters that euthanize will probably just do that right away because they are already way overcrowded and overtaxed financially without having to care for sick cats.

I hope your adopted kitty is doing well.