Hey Kniting experts!

I have (after two years of knitting) finally decided to venture outside the realm of squares or rectangles. The problem is, I quickly get bored with big projects (tried doing a repetitive baby blanket on tiny needles) and I’m not experienced enough to do funkier projects.

But a friend of mine and I discovered a really cute yarn store not far from us, which is a huge revelation in our novice knitting ways. There I found some little pattern books on clearance… especially one with tiny animal patterns. They’re knitted flat and stitched, so there’s no particulary new skills for me, and they’re small enough that I wont get too bored. They ARE on tiny needles, but they’re not as boring as just rectangles, so I think these could be the projects for me!

But here’s my question: She (the pattern maker) refers to “oversewing”… is this a particular way of stitching up the creation? The front of the book does explain a number of oddities throughout the rest of the patterns, but oversewing is not touched on.

Any insight appreciated!

Probably seving over the edge to seam the edges together. There’s another term for this, but my fading memory has blanked out on it…

Half cross stitch.

All similar slanting stitches that will show on the front of the knitting. If you want invisible seams, I imagine you could also use mattress stitch.


Whipstitch, that’s what my brain was trying to think of…