Overcast Seam

Okay, so I am almost done with my first hat ever :woohoo: - it’s great to knit while watching football, although when the game gets good, I have to put it down so I don’t lose count and make a mistake! I’ve got about 6 rows left of decreasing and then to finish the hat, the pattern calls for an overcast seam.

I am not a huge sewer, so I could use a little help with this terminology.

I am thinking that an overcast seam would be where you simply sew around the top to close the hole with the needle coming from inside to out so the seam is on the inside. Is it that easy or is there some other magic I need know know about???



:teehee: DH is a big college football fan so I knit while we watch…

I found thislink on overcast seam… I had never heard of it before :teehee:

Can’t wait to see your hat!! :thumbsup:

Thank you for the post and your encouragement! I did see that link but wasn’t totally sure about how to do it from the photo…but I’m game to try! Just a few more rows and I’ll be trying out that seam! :knitting: :knitting: :knitting: