Outdoor knitting and mosquitoes?

Anyone else love to knit outdoors? I love to, but too there are too many mosquitoes outside for me to knit now. But it’s sooo nice outside right now, anyone have tips for dealing with these annoying pests? :wall: :wall: anyone have any ideas?

Citronella pots or candles? I don’t know how well they work though, just a suggestion.

I tried one of the off pot things… didn’t work, I still got snacked on by a few mosquitoes before I ran in the house

The 'squitos love to munch on me. I am not so fond of them. :frowning: They’re really bad where we are, and I just don’t think it’s healthy to coat yourself with bug spray every day, so I bought one of those industrial looking fans that’s mounted in a u-type frame that lets you tilt the fan in different directions. I use it when I’m weeding flowerbeds, etc., and it just blows the bugs away. It doesn’t need to be on full blast to work, and it works better than a box fan because you can aim it where you need it.


citronella candles work wonderfully, put one one each side of you and you will be fine. You can also plant citronella but as it is a weed and very invasive you will have to thin it at times. I have friends who let the citronella grow all over their yard and they are mosquito free

Can’t… lol I can’t buy citronella until after I get my ipod fixed… long story on that… but anyways thanks for the advice… maybe I have to wait till it gets cooler >.<

Oh you poor thing… all of you! I’m SO glad we don’t get many mosquitoes here! :zombie: I can’t remember the last time I saw one… knock on wood!

I purchased some mosquito repellant that is natural. It really really works. I read about it in the Sunday newspaper several years ago. In the Travel section, some mountaineers/hikers were discussing what they do about mosquitoes when they’re tramping through the rain forests here in Washington State. They all swore by this! And now I can, too.

REPEL Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Spray
[li] [LEFT]DEET-free[/LEFT][/li][li] [LEFT]Repels mosquitoes that may cary West Nile virus[/LEFT][/li][/ul]

I bought mine in the camping section of my Fred Meyer Store. It wasn’t expensive. A little goes a long ways. It isn’t obnoxious. It works! Click here to read all about it.

Thank you, will try. It’s mosquito heaven on the east coast this year.

We had been mostly mosquito free here. Last week we had a huge rain (3" in 1 1/2 hours) and now are being inundated with them. I was out for 10 minutes to water some flowers and have 10 bites! I bought some Cutter Natural Outdoor Fogger to spray around. I need to get something else for me! I will try ArtLady’s suggestion.

Yuck! I hate mosquitoes. They eat me alive and I swell really bad. Even flies drive me crazy, always landing on me. Sometimes I’m tempted to just spray our cattle spray all over myself!


I live in Houston, one of the mosquito capitals of the US. If there’s a mosquito anywhere in the county, I swear it will find ME to snack on. About a year ago someone reccomended a device called a Thermacell to me. Picked one up online from Amazon and it has been a God-send. I can finally enjoy spending evenings on the patio (with my knitting) and the little buggers stay away.

We even took it with us when we went camping near Lake Okeechobee in Florida and sat out by the campfire all night and not one single nibble!

I wonder if they carry that at walmart? ugh probably not but anyways thanks for the sudjestion :slight_smile:

It’s times like these that I miss Grandma’s old porch. It was enclosed with screens. You could sit out there and visit without the mosquitoes buzzing you. We cousins used to sleep there overnight. Good times! Why don’t they build houses with porches like that anymore?

When I get my first home my porch will be like that :slight_smile: oh I just remembered on my uncle jimmy’s porch a humming bird got stuck in the screen and my dad had to save the little thing, it go away free with no injury, a few of it’s feathers had gotten stuck in the screen some how no idea how though.