Our Anniversary is today

Gee I can’t believe today is our 40th wedding anniversary! :passedout: Our children are taking us out to eat tonight. Which will be nice just the whole family together at once. Well gonna go and take a nice long hot bath and just relax.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! :yay::yay::yay:

That’s a long time to be together! Congratulations and have more happy years together!:clink:

:cheering: Happy anniversary! How wonderful! My parents will celebrate their 35th anniversary in a month and I’m planning to take them to a nice restaurant too. They always insist on paying when we go out for dinner, but this time, they won’t get away with it! :teehee:

Happy anniversary and may you have many more!!

Happy belated Anniversary!! My parents are celebrating 45 yrs pretty soon!!

Congratulations! I hope you had a wonderful time with your family! What a blessing :yay:

:woot:Congrats!! I hope you had a wonderful time :blooby:

happy happy!

I hope you had a lovely time! :yay:

Congrats!! And Happy Anniversary!! :cheering:

Congratulations, Teri! That’s wonderful!

Congrats!! I hope you had a great anniversary!