I’m finally back in service! :cheering:
November has really sucked… :??

:crying: My PC hard drive blew up (2 weeks ago), so I had to get a new computer. It just arrived today. So I can finally be a part of the group again.

:crying: For the past 3 weeks, I’ve had a horrible case of gout in my elbow. Today has been the first day that I’ve been able to knit (I feel like such a beginner again). OUCH

:crying: The wall behind my dining room bookcase has begun to cave in… Stucco and moisture don’t mix. ((Got that fixed this past weekend))

:thumbsup: I’m really looking forward to December… Christmas AND my Birthday…!

OMG, Glen!! That STINKS! Hope ya feel better soon! And, about that new computer! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!! :rofling:

aww i am glad to see that you are back. i was wondering where you had disappeared to! I was secretly worried that you were spending all that time putting costumes on that poor puppy of yours!

:wink: Woo hoo to a better December for you!

Sorry to hear about your computer, your elbow and your wall.
That is great that you got a new computer, and fixed the wall.
NOW to get your elbow better.
When is your birthday? Happy one by the way.
My youngest sons is on the 16th.
Enjoy your new computer,
Susie [/color]

:waving: Welcome back!

I’ll be a whopping 42 on the 11th.

[color=darkblue]Ah, 42, that’s a nice age. :slight_smile:

That’s my hubby’s birthday too!!! :smiley:

Wow, gout… yeeowza! :frowning: Nasty little uric acid crystals… :evil: Hope you feel better soon…

Btw, now that you’re back, has Pebbles had a chance to see this??



Welcome back Glen! And Happy Early Birthday… my b-day is 2 days after yours! :slight_smile:

Oh man… gout… DH had a friend that got it in his toe and to hear him describe that pain made me wann hork. I can’t imagine it being in your elbow!!
Glad you’re on the mend…physically, technically, and structurally :thumbsup:

My DH’s birthday is the 19th of Dec. And my baby nephew will have his first birthday on Christmas day. He’s the first grandbaby boy and we are all so pumped to celebrate his birthday with the world this year! :happydance:

You poor thing! Hope everything gets better soon.

But doesn;t it suck to have your birthday on christmas? My son’s b day is the 21st and he hates it. So does my brother, b-day on the 28th.

Welcome back Glen…sorry about all of the troubles :frowning: …very happy :smiley: to have you back & hope that your elbow heals nicely :thumbsup: ! My dad’s bday was the 11th :smiley: ! My son’s is the 12th, mine the 6th!
Early :present: [color=darkblue][size=7]HAPPY BIRTHDAY[/size][/color] :balloons: to you