I just bought my textbooks for grad school. I’m only taking 3 classes, and two of them have paper back books that are maybe 150 pages long. I spent $212.:shock: It is just outrageous and worst of all, I didn’t have to buy any of the expensive type books like the science books with lab manuals or the language books with cds. This is definitely going to take a bite out of my yarn budget for the next couple months.:pout:

Yeah textbooks are a serious rip-off and always have been. When I went to college back in the Stone Age I majored in engineering and those books were outrageous.

Without knowing the specifics of what courses you are taking, I couldn’t tell you why your specific books are so expensive, but text-books are crazy expensive to make, and within one semester, cut into our profits thanks to the used book market.

OK… ADAllen… now i am officially getting scared

Are they more expensive to make than regular books? I’ve got on on grant writing, one on college and university budgeting, and then the hard cover one is Psychology and counseling theory. I expected the last one to be expensive, but the budgeting one is almost $70.:noway:

Aww… I’m sorry Ainee. I’d say don’t be scared, but the cost of higher education is pretty scary.:hair:

I’m planning to start grad school in January and I tell you I am very concerned about the prices I am going to have to pay for books. My major is going to be Literacy Specialist and I know that there are going to be some classes requiring more than one book; not to mention that tuition is totally outrageous.
I’m going to be in debt for the next 40 years :pout:

Generally, yes, but not always. :shrug: Some textbooks are over-priced. Some are spot-on.

:roflhard: One of my girlfriends and I were standing behind a guy checking out who was an engineering major, we about died when they totalled up his bill. I was a Mass Comm major and we got off relatively easy once we were in the courses.

Did you get these on Amazon or Ebay???

Oh my goodness!

One of my history classes this term required three books, on top of having to read another book for a book review.

I think the most I spent on a book this term, with four classes, was $30 something dollars. Thank goodness for resellers.

I’m sorry you had to incur the unexpected costs. It sure is a bummer when you’re on a tight budget.

What really sucks is when they decide to use a new book for the next semester and you get like $2 back for “recycling” the book. I figure I’ll keep it and give it to my kids when they go through the same class to laugh at how much things have changed!


I feel your pain. My text books for four claases at U of M are $500:mad: I hate school!

Its crazy how little you get back for the books. I had some cheaper books (around $30 or so) that I went to sell back to the bookstore at my school and they offered me $.25-.50:shock: I’d rather keep them or give them to someone else than get a quarter for them.

That’s one of the things I don’t miss about school. Undergrad, I was an art history major, so it was about $50/book/semester for that, plus the others (and that was 15 years ago–I shudder to think of what those books cost now). I just finished grad school a couple of years ago (library science), and those books are expensive, too. I guess the writers of the books have to make money somehow. It’s not like someone’s gonna walk off the street & pick up a book on library management.

My first term at college, my books were $750 and some of them were used. I’m an engineer and I’m actually glad I kept most of my engineering books for reference, since I still use them at work.


That is terrible to have to scrimp on your yarn allowance!!!
I tend to go on Amazon and order nearly new text books it saves you a lot of money.