Other FOs

A scarf, I ended up giving it to a friend who happened to be wearing a shirt that matched it SO well that I had to give it to her on the spot.

The “Urban Rustic Glove” for me, it’s without its other half right now. =]

That’s all for now, my computer only imported about half the pictures I took…

that’s fun about the scarf! They look great–you’ve been busy!

Both very nice!

:happydance: they look great and that is wonderful that you gave the scarf to your friend…

those are really pretty!

Aren’t you a good friend. :hug:

Both very nice. Now since you no longer have the scarf, I like the glove… (I’m sure it matches! LOL)

Thanks everyone!!

The scarf-shirt match was uncanny!! Like, exact color match down to the shade, even I think in the same order!! Crazy. Her bf had purchased a custom order hat from me (plain black with a little irish flag on the back), unfortunately I gave it to him before I could snap a picture. After I gave her the scarf, she put in a custom order hat from me as well! It’s going to be a reversible earflap hat where if you flip it to the one side the flaps come out like elephant ears. xD

You’ve been busy! Great work! Thanks for sharing your wonderful knitting with us!! :grphug:

Both look good! How nice to gift the scarf to a friend.