Other crafty hobbies

What other crafty hobby do you have?

I knit, crochet, spin…
sew, quilt, draw, paint…
and of course do all sorts of random crafts with my young kids

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I currently indulge myself in:
knitting and needlepoint on the fiber arts side, haven’t sewn or crocheted in years
painting ceramics when something catches my fancy
and cooking. I’m an unrepentant foodie so it’s an art form to me!

Knit and crochet keep me the busiest these days–with knitting winning over crochet of late (although crochet is my first love since I learned it first), but I also enjoy tatting, paper making, book making, origami, gardening, cooking, jewelry making, and quilting.

I’ve also gotten into making boxes and bags using wallpaper samples (since I was given about 8 or 10 books of the stuff–one must do something with it, you know).

Oh, well I guess gardening isn’t really very crafty. . . . :shrug:

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I sewed a lot when I was a teen and when my kids were little. I’ve also done crewel embroidery and crochet. I attempted quilting, but it’s just as fiddly as sewing. I’m not interested in those things anymore. I much prefer knitting. It’s easy to take along and just pick up and create. :thumbsup:

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For some reason I see you with artfully designed topiary in your yard, or with trees grown in parallel rows shaped into arches for a pathway… you strike me as the artsy gardener. :wink:

Well, thank you, Charlotte; it’s nice to be imagined that way–even if it’s not true! :wink:

No, the sad reality is that our garden is quite weedy and wayward at the moment. We will get it whipped into shape as spring nears, but for now it is [I]quite[/I] the untidy mess!

As for trees and pathways and topiary, well that’s not realistic here on the edge of West Texas. I’d love to cover the place in trees–and have the moisture to sustain them, but alas . . . my husband [U]must[/U] have a field to plow and the rains just aren’t very frequent these days.

I see all these beautiful, lush, green, drapey gardens on Pinterest, and I dream of having such a sanctuary in my backyard. But then reality in the form of another hot, dry Texas summer slams into my pitiful little dream, and before you know it, the dream, as well as the garden, has burnt to a crisp–and/or been eaten by grasshoppers!

Maybe I should strive for a beautiful, lush, green, drapey cactus garden–all in neat rows and shaped into interesting topiary and with arches that one dare not walk under lest one be impaled! Hmmmmm . . . . that’s not quite the same inviting environment that I imagined!

You could have it in miniature, Antares, with a terrarium.

I knit, crochet, weave, draw (not very well), embroider, cross stitch, pretty much anything involving a needle “turns me on”. I also like to try new things I have found on youtube, like making roses out of plastic spoons, now that is fun!

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However, it could be very private and just for you, minus the grasshoppers. :woohoo:
I’d no idea you were that close to the SW desert - I fell in love with the stark and oddly shaped Joshua trees in Southern CA. Do you have those?

Draw, quilt, and needle felt.

Besides knitting, I like to:

counted cross stitch

And that’s about it. I like to read about quilting (the “Elm Creek Quilts” series) but I don’t think that counts for actual quilting.


Very true, GG! Believe me, I’ve considered it (I just can’t quite figure out how to get inside the terrarium with my lawn chair, though)!

Well, a cactus garden might not be a peaceful setting for just anyone, but it’s not [I]for[/I] everyone, so that’s okay. My husband brought home some Spanish daggers and century plants just last week. He grew up in “brush country” and feels right at home among all manner of thorny plants. So, yeah, it appears that a cactus garden just might be where we’re headed.

Sadly there are no Joshua trees here. They are beautifully unique, aren’t they? In looking at their habitat, they prefer a higher elevation than ours. DARN!

I make cards. I love to stamp and colour, it’s like being a kid again! My favourite colouring techniques are water colouring with inks and I was lucky enough to receive a large set of Prismacolor pencils for Christmas, they’re blendable. I make them for all of life’s events, a lot of “just because” cards but my absolute favourites are Christmas cards. I make them year round, so that everyone on my list has a unique and individual card! Here’s a couple of my most recent Christmas cards:

In fact, if anything is going to keep me away from my knitting it’s this!

PS. There are loads more cards on my blog if anyone is interested, I usually make and post about three a week.

Crocheting is my comfort zone. I’ve been trying to learn to knit & it’s very frustrating not having anyone to help me out. I have some medical issues that keep me home alot but I refuse to give up on knitting! My problem is always starting with too big of a project. Now I’m trying to work on a small one and if it’s difficult I can rip it out! I’m so used to doing that with crocheting anyway! Sewing has never been my thing but I keep trying.

:thumbsup: Good for you! What small projects are you working on? I’ve found I like knitting squares: dishcloths, washcloths, coasters. It can be a great opportunity to practice stitch patterns and tension and just get comfortable with knitting. Finishing something that you can use that doesn’t have to be perfect is so nice when you’re learning. I’ve made sweaters and socks and I still do squares because I’m learning! When I need a mindless knit, cotton yarn and Grandma’s favorite dishcloth are just right.

Brenda, I love your cards. Right now I have a slow internet connection so I’ll look at your blog later.

Love the cards, Brenda. Thanks for sharing some pictures of them and the link to your blog!

those cards are awesome!

Your cards are beautiful, Brenda! :inlove: I always say I want to make cards, but I never do.

On topic, I like to say that I scrapbook. There is a long time between layouts – so many other things seem to take up my time! – but I have decided that I am going to figure out a way to scrapbook more. :think:

Thanks for everyone’s kind comments!

Katie - I’ve never scrap booked but can see the attraction of documenting all your photos etc. One of the reasons I like making the cards so much is the knowledge that no matter how wonderful I think a card is, how long it took me to make or that I used the last pieces of my most favourite paper or embellishments … at some point I’ll be giving it away, it won’t stay with me! That’s hard sometimes!! Definitely make room for more scrap booking if you can, it’s good to have hobbies!