OT: Wow! What a storm!

Just wanted to check in and let everyone know that I came through the massive Pacific Northwest storm with only minor problems (some water seeped into an unused part of our unfinished basement). We never lost power and had no wind damage. :happydance: Considering we had sustained winds of around 40 mph and gusts up to 60 mph, we feel pretty lucky.

How is everyone else in WA/OR faring?

I saw it on the news! Glad all is well!

My aunt, uncle, and cousins live around the Seattle area. Last I heard, one of my cousins is stranded at a friend’s house and my aunt and uncle are sitting in the dark.

Hope everyone is faring well! (Or better-than-badly at least!)

Oh it’s terrible–best wishes to all of you out there! :heart:

I haven’t had power since yesterday afternoon. I’m at work right now.

I’m an insurance agent and it’s been a busy day so far. There are trees on roofs all over the place.

What a mess!!

We are in Mill Creek. Our house is backed up to a greenbelt and we have huge trees surrounding our house. DH and I were terrified that one of them would come down. Some did but none of them landed on our house or our neighbor’s.
We lost power for just a few hours the night of the storm but overall, we were spared the nightmare that many people endured.
After the six hour commute home the night of the big snow/ice…I’m feeling pretty good.

I am out here on the Oregon Coast. The winds were pretty strong. No damage to my house. We did have two downed trees that took power lines with it, but no damage. We did lose power for a day and half and no no phone for two days. That is pretty typical when you live about 10 miles from town.

We are in the Willamette valley. We lost some shingles, mostly off the shed, but a little on the house. No trees came down in our neighborhood, but some did around town. Thursday evening we were with out power for a couple hours, but that’s it. No school Friday due to power outages around town. We had power on our culdesac but just around the corner they didn’t Friday AM, but the next block did! Very strange.

I am in Beaverton, OR (SW Portland) and we lost power for almost three days! Ugh! We lost EVERYTHING in our fridge and freezer because we couldn’t even find dry ice. :wall:
Hope everyone else is faring better than us!

Oh poor seeker83! I live in Portland, 10 minutes from downtown on the East side and our lights flickered a bit (had the candles out and ready just incase) but woke up the next day and you wouldn’t even have known there was a huge storm. I was afraid we were going to lose our lights on the tree out front. Just a couple of roof shingles is all. No trees in the nieghborhood fell either. But friends on the west side lost power. It was a good sotrm though. Wish I had been on the coast to see it. Great knitting weather!

We were without power for 2 days and lost a bunch of fridge stuff too.

I consider us lucky though - a lot of people I know still do not have power and aren’t expected to until Christmas at the earliest.

On the news, they were saying that many insurance companies will pay for lost food.
Something to check on with your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Most policy cover the loss of food. I didn’t lose much.

I’m an insurance agent and I rarely get claims for loss of food. It’s usually not enough to exceed your deductible. The claims I’ve gotten in the past were from hunters who had season’s worth of deer meat, etc. I personally would never file a small claim for loss of food. JMO.

I am glad to see that you guys made it through ok. Will we see you on wednesday?


Glad to know that everyone is safe. :muah:
I am thinking of everyone who is still without power and hoping they are finding ways to stay warm - our temps are going below freezing at night.