OT: Workbasket (hefty reading post..)

I LOVE this mag and wanted to share…
I just got 115 Workbasket Magazines!!!

Came out of a antique store with the whole lot for .20 a piece!! Now I can add them to the ones I have…I hope to have most of them by now.

For those of you who dont know what “The Workbasket” is…

“The first issue of Workbasket Magazine was published October 1935. A husband and wife team; John and Clara Tillotson dreamed up a small 8-page needlework service bulletin in their home on the kitchen table. Each issue described step-by-step directions for making lovely needlework. When the Tillotson first began looking for subscribers, they turned to a list of 5,000 names they had used for another selling idea. Each woman was sent a postcard invitation to join “Aunt Ellen’s Needlework Club.” (its actually “Aunt Martha”)This was the beginning of a direct mail business for magazine subscriptions that grew into the largest operation of its kind at that time. From 1935 to 1947 the Workbasket paid its own way and made a profit too, charging $1.00 for 12 issues per year before it’s pages were opened to advertisers. Naturally the 8-page Workbasket soon outgrew the house where it originated. The young company, Modern Handcraft, moved into larger business quarters. Several more moves were made. In 1966 the publication moved to 4251 Pennsylvania, Kansas City, Missouri. This new, more modern building encompassed the editorial, circulation and fulfillment departments that served the over 2,000,000 readers of the three publications Modern Handcraft published: The Workbasket, Workbench and Flower and Garden. In order to serve the 1½ million Workbasket readers quicker service, IBM computers were installed.”*

  • Editorial. “New Home for The Workbasket.” Workbasket January 1966: 2

The magazine spanned 61 years. The last issue was published in May or July of 1996. Unfortunately The Workbasket Magazine as we had come to love ended publication. The magazine was sold to KC Publishing, Inc. and the name changed to Flower & Garden Crafts Edition! Between pages covering gardening were a few pages dedicated to crafts. The magazine published under that name from December 1996 until August 1998. In October 1998 the rights to the publication were sold to Krause Publications. They changed the name to Great American Crafts. This publication, in my opinion, wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t the Workbasket but it still had some good patterns and projects. Starting with the April 2001 issue Great American Crafts changed it’s name to Michaels Create! craft magazine. This magazine is nothing like it’s predecessor! It is a magazine solely to promote products sold at Michael’s chain of Arts & Craft stores.

courtesy of The Workbasket Magazine Then and Now

BTW: If any of you have these mags and dont want them…PLEASE let me know!



There is a Yahoo Group for Workbasket (Maybe you knew this).

Which magazines did you want?


I remember my mom getting Workbasket and looking through them. Another one she got for Brownie and Girl Scout ideas was Pack O Fun. I don’t think it is in publication any more either.:cry:

Hi Lisaplus2!!!

I have a few of my grandmother’s old Workbasket magazines from 1948 and 1949. I don’t look at them very much, since they are very brittle and fall apart easily. But it is fun to get a “taste” of what life was like back then.