OT: Wisdom tooth

I just had one pulled today. It was a simple extraction, went well, and I’m definitely not complaining, but I was wondering if anyone had suggestions to minimize pain/swelling that worked for you. (Other than ice, which I’ve done, and knitting in front of Antiques Road show to ignore the pain, which I intend to do shortly.) Thanks,

I had all four of mine yanked at once. I was put under. I drooled a lot. And slept. And took vicodin. And held ice to my face. And whined. And ate chocolate pudding. And watched Ren & Stimpy. And took more vicodin. :rofl:

Some of mine were partially impacted, but I was a drooling idiot for three days, and the fourth I was a space cadet.

Same here!(except chocolate pudding made me puke :pout: )

One way to minimize pain is to alternate between warm and cold compresses. I had all mine taken out at once and they even had to take a piece of my jaw bone because of the size of them and the way they grew in. If the warm and cold compresses don’t work, take IB prophen to help with the swelling. If the bleeding won’t stop, put a tea bag over the area where they extracted the tooth.

Feel better soon! :heart:

I had all four cut out a couple of years ago, and this is the BEST way to keep down the swelling (if you don’t mind not leaving your house for a bit). I had almost no swelling at all!

Take an old bra, put ice packs in the, er, cups, and tie it over your head.

I don’t really have any advice, just wanted to say I feel your pain. I had mine done last June, all 4 of them, at the age of 30. It sucked. Bad. Lots of hugs to you! :hug: :hug: :hug:

i agree with the ibuprofen to reduce swelling. i had a prescription. my doctor also prescribed steroids… i’m not really sure what type, but they were to also reduce swelling. i had 3 of mine pulled in one day and with all the meds (plus vicodin) mixed with a lot of rest i was only swollen for the day of the surgery.
i followed the drug directions very precisely so … i was actually never in any pain… just a little… high? :rofl: those little pills do wonders.

good luck!

If you are open to the idea, you can try a homeopathic remedy called Arnica. Reduces swelling and pain. And, no drugs. (I’m a nutritionist/naturopath.) Take it when you’ve had nothing in your mouth other than water for 15-20 minutes and wait 15-20 before you eat or drink anything afterwards (except water.) You can repeat it as needed. No side effects.


Congratulations on having that ordeal behind you! You are so brave!!! :cheering: Now follow all advice from the dds. Like, only drool for first day or so, no “sucking” (negative pressure) when you spit, only drool, and no carbonated beverages for 3 days, no straws. You are tyring to do everything you can to get htat blood clot to form and stay so you don’t have a dry socket. You’ll probably feel fine tomorow. Both of my kiddos went out the same night!! If your DDS recommends gentle lavage with a syringe and water later on in the healing process, don’t forget this, my daughter did and it infected and swelled up on the very night she had tickets to a rock concert!! Ahh :eyebrow: the joy of "natural consequences!!! Not that I wanted something like that to happen, but doggone it I kept tellling her to do it and she didn’t listen to me!

I have to get all 4 of mine pulled soon. I’m totally putting it off…
And your posts aren’t helping my courage AT ALL. :verysad:

Silver, I had all four of my wisdom teeth cut out, and it was WAY easier than the other 14 teeth I’ve had pulled. I only had a teeny-tiny bit of pain the first day (and I am a total wimp with pain). Don’t worry - just take lots of Motrin (my oral surgeon told me to take it before I was in pain, and keep taking it every 8 hours or so), use ice packs constantly, and you’ll be just fine. Oh, and stock up on good movies and yummy teas to sip on.

The worst part of mine wasn’t the pain or the swelling - the worst was the nausea I had. I don’t know what it was from or if it was just the flu coming at a REALLY bad time, but it was horrible. I was taking very little pain meds so it couldn’t have been nausea from that. I heard though that being put under can make you nauseous afterwards so that could have been it. :shrug:

Get it done while you can!

Yes, it may hurt for the first few days, but after you are completely healed you are so better off!

Did yours break through the gum yet or are they still in there?

Just remember that some medications actually discourage clotting/encourage bleeding! And NOT to take those BEFORE surgery - or you’ll bleed heavily. Save the drugs for after, not before, okay? (or use the natural stuff, but now I’ve gone to meddling.)

Mercedes-Benz In Motorsport

ohhh god!

I started the night tired, but relatively happy, until i got to this thread, this loooonnngg and terrifying thread :shock:

I too, have been putting off getting my wisdom teeth pulled (all 4 need to come out), and i need to do it really soon on my uppers, before i risk losing the ones next to them as well, but i am soooo scared that it’s gonna hurt like crazy, and i keep thinking, well, they’ve held up this long haven’t they!!

Thanks, I’m off to contemplate my fate :verysad: [size=1]your all such brave souls, we honour you men (and women)[/size]

Silver GET IT DONE ! I never had any problems with my wisdom teeth then one morning I woke up and I could not open my mouth enough to eat I had to push small pieces of food between my teeth and eat that way and my mouth ached so bad it turned out they were impacted and after they took them out I noticed that my jaw felt so much more relaxed than it ever did .

I had my wisdom teeth removed at the same time as having full jaw surgery so I dno’t know what it feels like to just have wisdom teeth taken out. I was lucky enough to be in the hospital and receiving morphine for a day or two afterwards because of the extent of the full surgery.

One of the things I haven’t seen mentioned yet is to stay sitting up. The same way you would keep a sprained ankle elevated, you want to keep your head elevated, even while sleeping. Propping yourself up with lots of pillows while sleeping will help keep swelling from forming and fluids from settling around your cheeks and gums. Also, trying to find activities that don’t require you to look down while sitting or standing will help you out.

Feel better! The pain and discomfort will go away soon. :hug:

Thanks for all the sage advice, guys. Actually I woke up this morning with no pain! :cheering: I still can’t open my mouth very wide, and it’s sore if I touch it, but to those of you who are still scared to get yours taken out…I have heard horror stories, but mine really hasn’t been bad at all. Like if labor and delivery were a 10, simply pulling a wisdom tooth is like a 3 or 4. I know if you get all of them out at once it’s harder, but I would still encourage it. This is the second one I’ve had out, both upper, and they can’t really take out the lower ones right now because they’ve grown too close to a major nerve. If you let it go too long, you run the risk of big complications later. Maybe you could go your whole life without ever having them taken out, but if it’s likely that you will need to have it done, the earlier the better.

Anyway, thanks for the advice. I still may try some of them to keep the swelling away. I particularly like the ice-bra idea. :teehee: Later,

You know when the dentist has to get impressions of your mouth they put that plate full of clay in your mouth?
Well, my mouth’s so small that they even have trouble getting children sized plates in there.

So while my wisdowm teeth where in perfect extraction condition, the size of my mouth made it impossible to have 'em all out at the same time.
So I had to do one side, let it heal and then do the other.

I have a relatively hight pain tolerance, so I didn’t take many drugs, probably some aspirin here and there to help me sleep well at night. I do remember a lot of soup and a looooooot of ice cream :teehee:

I got all 4 of mine done at the same time and they were all severly impacted. I had to do it under IV sedation which is good because the next thing you know you’re in a recovery room. The only thing I remember was being in the recovery room and they came in with my teeth because apparently during the surgery I asked to see my wisdom teeth. :teehee: I prepared for it to be horrible, and it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be (and I’m not good with pain), the first day was really the worse. For those of you putting it off, I’d just get it over and done with, its probably not going to be as bad as you think.

Seriously, seriously don’t be scared. Yes, it hurts–but it won’t hurt for very long. And it pays off so much.

I’m soooo glad I got it done.

My wisdom teeth had been irritating my gums as they were trying to grow, they were pushing against my other teeth, giving me jaw aches and head aches, which is not to mention the risks to other teeth (which would mean MORE surgery and MORE mouth pain.)