OT wire

I have heard talk about knitting with wire, and i’m sure it is a pretty thin guage. I’m hoping that all of you that have tried it, might know how to find colored wire in 16 or 14 guage. Spicifically, I need red, black, and purple.

Thank you to anyone willing to tell me where to find this.

I saw some colored wire at ACMoores the other day. Don’t remember what colors, though. It was plastic coated.

We don’t have an aCMoores here. Bummer. Plus what I’m looking for doesn’t have plastic coating. I know I’ve seen it, but I just can’t find it. I was hoping someone knew of a webcite that sold it.


Just so you know what it is being used for, I have a friend that makes chainmail and he does jewelry with it as well.

This might help. It suggests 26 gauge…I have seen some very thin colored wire in the bead section of Michael’s, but I don’t remember what gauge it is.

http://store.scrapinsanity.com/234341.html Maybe?

Thank you thank you thank you, that is exactly want I was looking for!!!