OT: whos

off today?

I am! :cheering:

not me. I wish.

me too! :cheering:

MEEEEEEEEEEE! :cheering:

Me toooo! :balloons:

I considered it… because we are getting pounded weather-wise…

But, I’m at work today.

I’m home, but not “off”- I have 2 one year olds with me!! Nap time is so wonderful… :happydance:

No class today or tomorrow! Yay fall break!

Too bad I did nothing for the past two days so I have lots to do today. Grr.

I here at work for another hour. Then off home. :happydance: :happydance:

I am, but then again I always have Mondays off. :slight_smile:

But Olivia is sick, so if I had a choice I’d rather be a work with a healthy child instead of home with a sick one. :frowning:

I’m at work. 7am to 2pm then a work meeting at 4pm. :crying: but I do get to knit while I’m at my desk :cheering: :XX:

not me - gotta get in the shower quick though as I have be to at work at 1:00

I’m at home, which is work. I have 4 kids under 2 in my care! :shock: I wish I had today off!

Not me. I’m off in another couple hours though…just in time to make dinner, give the kids a bath, read some stories and maybe play a game of candyland or two, and tuck them into bed.

Not me! I came home ten minutes ago to the house in which my two daughters have been home all day without me. :rollseyes: So I’m going to finish my bowl of cereal, crack the whip, get the house cleaned up, take the 5yo to ballet, be back in time for a judicial committee meeting at 5:30, then get to choir by 7:00 and be home at 9:00 and have some lunch/dinner then a couple hours of homework.

I have fall break next Monday and Tuesday. :cheering:

WOW everyone has so much going on in their lives… i feel lazy! :shock:

I don’t get days off LOL the kids don’t see it as a holiday and with my son sick today its been interesting… Older kids get sick differently than younger kids found that out today… :shock: LOL He is napping Roo is playing with her blocks so was hoping to start an achor dishcloth… LOL :XX:

This has been my laziest day in years!!! I haven’t done anything but sit and knit and use the computer. Period. I’ll pay tomorrow, but I deserve a day of once in a while, too. :happydance:

Depends on what you mean, if you mean “off work” then in 1.5 hours, I can say the same, but if you mean “off” as in not quite there, then that describes me perfectly everyday :smiley: