OT=Who's your favorite superhero?

Since I sort of hijacked Snephanie’s Camo Yarn thread… So sorry :oops:
by mentioning KellyK and her WonderWomanlyness…
Who was your favorite Hero… Super or otherwise… I personally was soooo in love with Steve Austin the Bionic Man. I was the only girl on my block with a Bionic Man Doll. Complete with a red jogging suit and a little plastic car engine you could clip onto his hand and make his arm lift it up. Sigh, I wanted to marry him when I grew up… Lee Majors that is… .not my doll… :heart: :wink:

I remember when I was four I wanted to marry Mighty Mouse. I outgrew it.

Hmm, would have to say my favorite superhero was, The Tick.

LOL, it wasn’t my thread, I was hijacking too! LOL…but now you know mine was Wonder Woman…

I should also add that when they came out with the colored contacts…years after my obsession had passed, Dad offered to get me some :slight_smile:

I have dreams of getting to Goal weight and putting on some of those blue contacts and dressing up as WW for Halloween…but I think I would still be too embarrased to go out in public like that. LOL

OOO, love that toon too! Defledermouse. the mad bomber what bombs at midnight… hehehe

I loved the Hulk when I was a kid…I was amazed by how he changed so quickly. I loved Bill Bixby (is that his name? …the guy who played him as a man, Lou Ferigno played him as the Hulk).

well, she not an american superhero, but Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts. I watched them ALL the time. GIRL POWER!!! lol im sorta an otaku (and if you know what that word means, you are my hero)

[size=6]Astro Boy! [/size] I love the sound he makes when he walks!!


gosh, I’m showing my age.

[size=2]waves to all - I will be all moved in by the weekend to the new home…whoo hoo[/size]

ohhh a fan of anime! My dh loves Anime has several movies… I don’t know anything about it lol usually do somethine else while he watches it LOL :smiley:

My favorite super hero would beeeeee hmmm… prolly wonder woman LOL let those men know who’s boss!! nah prolly Batman if I could ride in the car!! :thumbsup:

John Travolta,i told everyone i was going to marry him,i also liked Lee

Gambit, from the X-men. He’s been my favourite ever since I saw him. I’m also a huge fan of Doc Ock from Spiderman, but he isn’t actually a hero.

I’m sure few will remember, but…

I used to love [color=darkblue]Dynomutt and the Blue Falcon[/color] as a kid… I even (still!) have a lunchbox with them on it…

[color=red]Plastic Man[/color] was also kinda cool but i wasn’t a fan of Baby Plas or his annoying wife. They rank up there with Scrappy Doo on the irritation scale.

Edit: OH!! and of course there’s [color=darkred]DANGERMOUSE[/color] at the top of the list!! LOVE him and and his trusty sidekick, Penfold! “Ooh, crumbs!”

And then there’s [color=orange]Banana Man[/color] (pronounced in that fabulous plummy British accent Bah-NAAAHH-Nah-Mahn). Brilliant!


JESUS :wink:
no seriously, i’ve never been that into superheros. i love the movies with them in them but not like that. my husband likes Spawn and Spiderman :rollseyes:

Excuse me, Miss_Knit, but if you are a knitter, you are the EPITOME of cool. Doesn’t matter if you’re a loner who hangs out in front of your computer all day. Most of us on this forum do that! :roflhard:

i feel cool now. i was wondering if there were any knitters that liked anime too. anyone who likes anime and/or knitting is awesome in my book.

I’m with koolbreeze. :thumbsup:

My girl! :happydance:

Remember schoolhouse rock? They had a little piece about VERB! That’s whats happenin. It was the black episode. We loved it. Even my grandparents would come in and watch it. It was so rare that black folks were portrayed as “super” or anything other than pimps, prostitutes, gansters or otherwise a mess. THere’s also Gordon on Sesame Street. BUll Cosby’s Fat ALbert. The Jackson 5 was a cartoon for a while. But VERB! was cool.

OOo OOhhh and Muhamed Ali. My family was in the Nation so we all looked up to him.

funny you mentioned that. i never got to watch the black shows because blacks were not portaryed as positive role models. my white husband knows more about the old black shows than i do! :rollseyes: but i do remember the Verb. Gordon’s old butt is still on there and guess what one of his carachters is… a Superhero!