OT: What I learned in Massage class

Well, I found out in massage class that people who think they might have sciatica (not people diagnosed with it), and that people who think they have carpal tunnel syndrome may actually not have that condition. It may actually be cause by tense muscles elsewhere that pinch a nerve further up from the source of the tingling.

[size=2]Now, IMO, I think that people who are diagnosed with it may also not actually have it. I’m not a doctor, but I also don’t think that they always know what they are talking about, but some of them do. So, don’t take my word for it, but I like to try out alternative routes. These disorders or whathaveyou are commonly misdiagnosed. See here for more info on trigger point massage and commonly misdiagnosed disorders.[/size]

Anyway, since starting this class, I will recommend human hand massages to everyone I know! There are SO many benefits to getting massage, and it’s been around for SO long, but it’s not as “important” in society as it once was. It used to be a part of everyday life and well being. So, I advise you to get a massage! Not just those electronic things, but someone who knows what they are doing. And tell them what you do all day to help them find out what’s causing aches and pains.

Most people have aches in their rhombus muscle (next to the shoulder blade) and around that region, because we are always using our arms and everythings connected. So I advise you to be more aware of how you sit and how you do things because every part of your body is connected and if one part hurts more than another I can almost garantee to you that it’s not coming from that spot, but from somewhere else.

Anyway…I’ll let you guys knit. I just thought I had to get the word out to try to help others like myself. I have pretty bad back problems.

Not only do massage therapists have tables, there are also chair massage therapists, and there are massage therapists with tables suited specifically for pregnant ladies. And kids can get massaged too :slight_smile: They are quite receptive no matter the age. EVEN in the womb.

I always try to massage my hands as best I can, and do alot of physical therapy routines(which are still good even if you don’t have Carpal Tunnel), so I always encourage others who work with their hands to do it. So do it! Your hands will thank you later! :smiley:

I’ve, unfortunately, already had surgery on my right hand when I was 18, so it’s a bit late to worry about a misdagnosis, but I’m definately wary about it and probably will get a second opinion on my left hand if it comes to needing the surgery.

Man, if only I could afford to get a massage as often as I need it. I’m sure I’d not be walking around like an old lady if I could. :smiley: Luckily, one of my good friends is a licensed massage therapist, so I’m gonna be bugging him for one when I get to Houston. :lol:

Thank you so much for this post, Angela!

First, I’m so happy that your loving massage therapy and are zipping along with your classes! Yay for you!

Second, I’ve got horrible shoulder pain (left one) extending down into my elbow and even my hand. The dh’s aunt is a doc and says she thinks it’s a stinger…I’m going to another doc today for help. The link you posted is very informative; I’ll be going to the doc with more information now–yay! :cheering:

I think I’m going to have to give myself a massage session for Christmas!

Angela, are you in massage school??

I’m a licensed massage therapist and just loved the year of school (part time) that encompassed my basic training. It’s awesome. If you ever have any questions or just want to talk massage, feel free to contact me! :slight_smile: Did you know there is a $1000 scholarship availabled through Massage Magazine? Eek, I think the deadline is any day, or possibly passed. :thinking: Check out massagemag.com. I won a scholarship through this program…yes you can see me and my goofy pic under the 2004 winners if they are still up. (Lauren is my first name…)

Anyway, good luck with your studies! I :heart: both giving and receiving massage.

I get freaked; I do EVERYTHING with my hands. I’m a writer so constantly typing. I knit. I sew. I play piano. And I massage. I have to take really good care of these babies!

So…what you are saying is that the Gorilla hand massages Ive BEEN getting may not be doing me any good? :frowning:


I tell you…the hand massage is my FAVORITE part of a manicure! AND, all DH has to do is put his hand ON my feet and I feel an immediate sense of AAAAHHHHHHHH!

Our Employee Activity Committee had a chair massage chick come in this week and give free 10-minute massages to whomever wanted one. :happydance: I was ALL OVER THAT! I LOVE RUBBING!!!

Yeay! Cool, if I have any questions, I’ll try to remember to ask you too :slight_smile: So far so good though. Yesterday was my third day of class and we learned more stuff. Like, now I have the jist of doing some pressure point work on the glutes, and I know how to do some hand massaging now too, [size=2]Kelly![/size] :wink:

I didn’t know about the scholarship at all. But my mom bought a bunch of stuff from a lady that sold all her massage mags and stuff, so I can look through all that stuff to see if that mag you’re talked about is there - it was a big box! She even had the book I was issued for class in there. (My mom even purchased her client list!)

It’s okay if I can’t get a scholarship though. The reason I can go to massage school is because my mom and aunt sold my grandma’s house. I’ll check it out tho.

I also do everything with my hands, I write, knit, sew, crochet, draw, paint, play guitar, play video games, surf the web…

I’m so glad that my post got your spirits and confidence up, Angelia! :cheering: To me, it’s always nice to know that other stuff is out there that can help. I also recommend a good Reiki practitioner. I also do this. There are some who are so good at it that they can help rid disease :shock:

NesanelRose, that’s unfortunate, but I’m sure that massaging will and can still help with that. I’ve been told that I have carpal tunnel syndrome, but only by my last chiropractor and my mom. But I’m not sure, and it costs so much money to go to the doctor for us since we don’t have insurance. I’ve just heard that a lot of stuff is being misdiagnosed these days. And it’s upsetting that everyone thinks that to get rid of their pain, they ‘must’ use medicines.

A lot of massage therapists charge a dollar a minute, but the one I go to gives me a discount so for a 30 min massage I get it for 20 dollars. I go about once a week or less depending on how I feel. And, yeah I wish it cost less especially cause it’s not my money to be spending. I’m thinking that when I start out, I’ll be giving out coupons and freebies.

I’m sure they massage just fine! :roflhard: All the slapping on your back brings the blood and nutrients to the surface :wink:

I love giving and receiving massages, but the funny thing is, I used to loathe getting massaged. It wasn’t until I kept fainting hard (once hit my back on the toilet and popped a rib out of place) that I really started to need to get used to being touched and massaged. Now that I know the benefits and everything, I’m gung-ho about it all :smiley:

I knit, draw, sew, type, crochet, jewel…and used to play the Oboe, and never took care of my hands, which is why I think I was diagnosed so early.
Most of the time, doing exercises and stretching and rubbing my hands help muchly, and I agree with Kelly. I always cannot wait to get a manicure because the massage on my hands is wonderful.
Alot of my pain recently is because my insurance ran out when I needed Physical therapy, so I never went through it. I regained most of my manuverability back in my hand, though my handwriting isn’t what it used to be…but I unfortunately have a bit of nerve damage over the scar and quite a bit of scar tissue that really needs to be broken up.

I know how you feel with insurance, too, as I’m without it, and a job ATM as well. Money is pretty scarce. I just might have to bug my friend to give me a massage every day to make up for all the ones I’m missing! :lol:

Kelly: and here I thought them Gorrillas had a lack in bedside manner! :roflhard:

Great and timely topic considering all the knitting we’re doing for Christmas and other holidays around here.

I’m not sure but I think I get a FANTASTIC deal with my massage therapist - $45.00 for 75 minutes!!! Full body, deep tissue, Just thinking about it puts me in Heaven! :smiley:

Hope everyone feels great!


CRIKEY! Im movin to KANSAS!!

Well, Kansas is pretty much an undiscovered jewell - but it is an acquired taste. you’re welcome anytime! :wink:

Me too! That is a fantastic price. It has been WAY too long since I’ve had a massage. I :heart: :heart: :heart: them so…