OT: What crazy weather!

Its 70 degrees, sunny, and beautiful! :shock: Who could’ve thought you could be wearing shorts and a t-shirt in Jan?! Anyone else having great weather?

Same here in the South! It’s been warm for a couple of weeks–record-setting warmth, actually. The trees are budding! :shock:

We are not that warm but in the high 50s… which is odd… I keep seeing wasps and flies… and those bettles are hanging around… It is nice but I gotta kinda wonder how this summer will be if we don’t have a few good snows… Last winter was mild and you couldn’t enjoy the summer cause of all the bugs… :teehee:

Our winter wasn’t mild last year. Brrr.

What a nice April day we’ve had! I just can’t figure out why people still have their Christmas decorations out and are only just throwing out their trees. :rofl:

The sun is shining, theres a lovely breeze and it’s so warm that we’ve got the doors and windows open. I have a terrible feeling that we’re really going to pay for this.

Nadja xxx

I’m in Wales. Its cold and raining.

It’s always cold and raining in Wales except for two weeks sometime between June and September where everyone gets sunstroke and turns into lobsters.

:roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard: :rofl:

I really think people should be concerned about this for lots of reasons. fret fret fret

No sign of winter in Montreal either. I spent the holidays 600km NORTH of Montreal and there was hardly any snow!!! :shrug:

It’s been rainy and very foggy today. Around 45 degrees. Very strange for January.

Where is winter? I actually kinda like the snow and there hasn’t been any here since, sheesh, I don’t even remember! Plus, I want it to freeze so the stupid mutant ladybugs and other weird bugs disappear!

apparently in Moscow a week before Christmas it was +5c degrees. It is usually -15 degrees (thats centigrade) and they had not seen even one drop of snow!

Here in London it is mild. Global warming for sure =D

I’m in New Brunswick, Canada and currently it’s 11C (52F) and somewhat rainy with a chance of Thunderstorms tonight! :shock: The normal/average temperature for today should be a daytime high of -4C (25F).

I love a good Canadian winter and I’m dearly missing it right now. I haven’t been out snowboarding yet this season because I refuse to go pay $20 to ride down 2 hills that are only open because of machine-made snow. :pout:

It was 68 where I live today we broke the record set in 1949 of 53 degree’s in January.

yeah I think so too… and I like flurries… sit and knit and watch it snow… :teehee: plus since last year my kids have been waiting to go sleigh riding… last year we just got a skiff of snow… this year we have only seen a flurry or two… they have snow pants and boots ready to go though :rofl:

It’s in the mid 40’s here today in IL-- warmer than normal but not freakishly so.

brendajo wrote

I really think people should be concerned about this for lots of reasons. fret fret fret

We’ve had an unusually mild winter in SE Michigan too, so far, but according to the local weather people it is not global warming (not that it isn’t something to worry about) but the el ninos (sp?) phenomenom which is cyclical and occurs periodically. Apparently '84 was the last time we had this kind of strange weather.

I do remember several winters when we (Michigan) had incredible amounts of snow and then followed by a couple of years of really weird, warm winters.

As an old person who is extremely a’feared of falling and breaking something, I love mild winters. (Except when the precip is on the cusp between rain and snow and we get an ice storm and it knocks out all the power for days and days.)

It took me 3 1/2 hours to get around Atlanta yesterday thanks to the weather and the wrecks it caused.

It was about 70 around here today, too. January is usually the coldest in these parts–it’s the warmest it’s been since 1870-something. The main concern around is that the apple trees and grapes will be tricked into trying to bloom and they’ll lose the whole crop. But it’s supposed to be near 35 by the end of the week.

We have only had the slightest dusting of snow so far–I honestly don’t mind not having to deal with snow, but it can’t be good for the ecology in general.

Remind me I said that when we’ve got two feet on the ground. :teehee:

Keep in mind that in geologic terms we are just ending an ice age so it is only normal that it would be warming up. According to ice core samples the planet has been much warmer in the past so it will likely be warmer in the future.

I’m glad to hear some of you wish you had snow. People usually think I’m crazy to want winter to come. I hate the weather we’re having. Today I was out in short sleeves. In JANUARY. In NEW YORK. The bugs are driving me crazy, flies, beetles and WASPS! My daffodils are coming up and so is the asparagus.

I really want some winter weather especially snow!