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Have you seen this?

Warning: It’s very addictive and can be very frustrating at times. Use the forums that accompany the riddles for hints and help.

Feel free to vent and ask for help here, but those of you who are offering help - don’t include any spoilers. Your hints should only nudge the helpee in the right direction, not spell it out.

There is a spoiler forum out there, but you’ll have to find it on your own :twisted:

Hint for Level 1: Level one is the rules page. Or should I say, the rules page is level 1. The rules are also clues (especially the last one).

Enjoy. :twisted:

I’m on level 19. This thing is driving me :!!!:-ing nuts!!!

But it’s fun and addictive at the same time! :cheering:

well i liked that last hint…lol…my friends and i do that to each other all the time, though i don’t know why since it isn’t a secret to any of us…lol

okay i am out on three…lol. well that’s not entirely true but i really will get no work done today if i do that so it will have to be pushed aside for now. it reminds me, sort of, of puzzle donkey though.

I’m stuck on 12 (look behind the blinds). Need a hint please!

Play around with what you can highlight and view.

umm, I got stuck on level 1 and gave up a few weeks ago :oops:

K, finally got that one. Man, I hate this game but I can’t stop playing it on. On to level 13 now.

If by hate you mean LOVE.

I wanna play so bad! I’m up to 19. Is it time for me to go home yet? (I won’t even play it at lunch or I’ll get noooo work done this afternoon.)

Am I just really dense or something? I’m on level 1 and I’m not sure I actually get what you’re supposed to do :shrug:

Oh this is just mean. I’m home sick, supposed to be resting. I found this thread, & now I’m hooked on this site!!! LOL

Look really carefully, Kaydee. Look for something that doesn’t seem right or the same. And remember. The rules are hints, too.

Thanks Caw, I got it and am on to level 3

I finished the first batch (the first 29 levels) this morning and now I want to move on, but I know that if I even think about it, I’ll never get any work done.

One thing I do like about this though is that it keeps me and DH from doing our own things every single night. Although, I might hear about it if it starts cutting into his WoW time. :roll:

I’m stuck on 14 :wall:

I would say that 14 is probably the most challenging (followed by 15, since many people - including me - thought that it was still 14). My DH actually figured out the first part, and then after a couple of hours of staring and reading the hints on the forum, I finally figured out the second part, based on the first part.

You can PM me if you want with what you’ve done so far and I can nudge you in the right direction.

I’ll keep trying for abit longer …

I just got to level 14. MY GOD

I just got to level 14. MY GOD this is addicting!

OK my son was late to school cuz I been trying everything for the first page. I tried “white” “light” “turn on the light” second page" “go” blah blah blah. What is the answer? Is the second page file not found? Is it backgammon? I don’t get it!!! :wall: