OT: Wedding plans

If you’re interested in the wedding details, which are kind of cute, here they are.

Wedding #1: typical backyard wedding with her aunt as officiant, food/dancing, attendants, … drama with the attendants–wedding canceled.

Wedding #2: attendants are fired and the bride and groom are the only participants… on a VERY tight budget, bride feels overwhelmed with pressures about groom’s extended family coming from Japan (it’s a small, intimate, fairly casual wedding!); bride cancels backyard wedding.

Wedding #3: Courthouse wedding–the wedding of my daughter’s dreams (really!!)… nobody at the courthouse knows anything about courthouse weddings although they fondly describe all the weddings they see happening…

Wedding #4: Ceremony in the living room; turn around, cut the cake, toast with champagne and call it a marriage!!! (But she wants us to make the cake!)

It sounds like the perfect wedding to me! I wish that my husband and I had done the same. We used my church and invited all our family, friends, and my piano students (about 400 people altogether). We paid for everything ourselves, and did pretty good for less than 3000 dollars, but it was SO MUCH WORK!

My wedding was a family event. Everyone made food, my mom and bridesmaids and I made the flower arrangements, we had the reception at my aunt’s house, and most of my relatives bought or chipped in for the beer, entertainment, honeymoon, music, decorations, etc. It was FABULOUS. If I had to do it again, I would do it EXACTLY the same. Only had about 100 people, very intimate.

Hildies sound like my wedding.

We were married out doors at a gazebo over looking a pond with swans on a golf and country club just outside of town.
We had our reception on the beach (our family has a cottage there). We had those nice opensided tents, all my cousins pitched in and paid for our meal and cooked it. (Roast beef, spiced mini taters, steamed veggies) and we had two huge slab cakes. We had wedding inviations shaped like beach chairs and after the dinner everyone switched to swim suits and spent the afternoon on the beach.
It was great, and we did the whole things for about $750.00, we had approx 100 guests also.
I wouldn’t have changed a thing, other than I wanted to get married in vegas (Ihave a child from a previous marriage and didn’t really see the need for the white dress and church thing…lol), but my inlaws wanted “a real wedding”. I guess it wasn’t much after my brother in laws $10,000 wedding where everyone and thier dog got to ride in brand new cadillacs and the newlyweds vacationed in Rome…lol

Emeraldcutie, your photo is gorgeous! What a nice family you have.

We included our children in our wedding. (We each have 3 from our previous marriage.) It went very well. Since I was the church organist, there was no one available to play for my ceremony, so I had the handbell choir play!

Your wedding sounds so dreamy - I would love to have had a wedding outside. You’re a lucky duck.

Thanks for the compliments :slight_smile: I love the flowers you chose, I get tired of seeing everyone with the red roses. My sister in law and I laugh at her wedding photo, cause she has this huge bouquet of red roses thats almost bigger then her, shes really petite and the dress had these huge puffy sleeves (looked like a football player). Its funny to look at outdated photos…lol

I’m so glad you like my wedding flowers! My favorite color is yellow, and my favorite season is Autumn, so I chose all fall shades. The wedding was in November, so it worked beautifully. I made all the pew bows myself, and used a local florist for the flower arrangements. (She has been a family friend for many years.)

This photo shows the altar flowers up close. That’s my step-daughter with them. She just turned 21 this year, so she was 17 in this shot.

Wow, what a pretty picture, you got married around the same year as I did, I had my 5th anniversary last week. I couldn’t even believe it was that already, seems just like yesterday I had to squeeze into a corset and try and smile all day…lol

Listen to ya…I bet that you could still fit into your dress! I, on the other hand, will probably never get back into mine. I’ve gained almost 30 pounds since we got married!

You’re right about the year. We got married November 17, 2001, right after the 9-11 incident. It was a comfort to lots of us to have that wedding. We were all still in shock from that terrible national disaster.