OT: We lost another president!

I see this morning that Gerald Ford has died. Poor man never had the chance for anyone to see what he could do as president when he had to take over for Nixon. By pardoning Nixon, I think he sealed his fate. I wish the best to his family. He had a long long life at 93.

I wondered when the shoe would fall with his recent illness being reported from time to time. I was pretty young when he took over so I don’t remember his presidency, but he always seemed to be a nice man. Definitely one for the history books.
This is the #3 though, Peter Boyle, James Brown, and Mr. Ford, always happens that way…in 3’s :pout:

my husband and i were talking about his passing this evening – and we remembered that my husband actually met him maybe 20 years ago, complete with a photo. in it, ford is reading to my husband. kinda strange, definitely sad. i liked the guy.

May he rest in peace. Following Nixon was not easy.