OT: Virus Warning

I’m not sure if this virus is still going around, apparently it was as recently as March this year, but, I figured I’d post it up since I’m sure there are some of us who will be sending packages out with the Holidays coming up!! The link will take you to Snopes.com

UPS/FedEX/DHL Delivery Failure

…What a-holes!

Good thing I ignore almost everything anyone sends me.
I don’t even trust my bank’s emails.Probably the only thing I trust is PayPal.

Never trust emails even PayPal. I’ve had what think is spam from someone posing as them, too. If I need to find something out I go directly to the site myself.

I agree with Jan you can’t trust paypal either…I don’t have a paypal account and yet I get a paypal e-mail every other week it seems like.
I guess my big question with that FedEx one would be how did FedEx get my e-mail address? If asked I typically decline giving anyone my e-mail address and force them to pick up the phone and call me if there is an issue.