OT:Vintages 1940s woman sailor outfit SEWING pattern on ebay

Yea, so I was nuts about this sewing pattern on Ebay, and now I’m not so much anymore. I’m at my max bid which I wasn’t expecting to happen and I almost got beat, and now I’m kinda wishing I was beat. Anyhoo, if you’re interested, I promise I won’t outbid you. Someone else might but no one has tried to outbid me for a while now. and it lasts for another day pretty much.


I don’t have a job and I made the mistake of making my max bid higher than originally planned which was a silly impulse and I can’t retract it, so if I do win I’m stuck with paying for it. I mean, it won’t be toooo bad because the pattern is very cute, and it IS vintage and uncut…but now I’m just having second thoughts and though maybe someone here would want it more than me?

wish I could help you out - I’m a size 12 but back in those days a size 12 was like our size 8! :shock:

yea, I’m not a size 12 either, I’m bigger than that but I was going to alter the pattern or something. I lost the other auction I really wanted, but oh well I guess. Thanks though.

I still hope someone outbids me. i hope i hope. If not I may put it back on ebay after i get it.

YES! nevermind now…someone outbid me! yippee!

WHOO HOOOO~~~ :slight_smile: