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I just learned a lesson. ALWAYS buy shipping insurance! I bought a knitting book on ebay ONE MONTH AGO!!! It just arrived yesterday. I live in Kentucky, and it came from Massechusetts (sp?). It WAS a brand new book, but the postal service damaged it. :frowning: A few weeks ago, I bought a digital camera (also on ebay), and it was misrouted, so it took a while to arrive also. We sent a Christmas package to my parents-in-law in Europe in early October last year, and it arrived in early February! (It’s supposed to take about six weeks…probably ended up in China.) I HATE the USPS!!! :evil:

Yeah, and even with insurance, it still takes them a long time to reimburse you. And the insurance claim has to be filed by the shipper.

:frowning: I’m sorry…

Yup… I learned that lesson, too. I bought some Boye interchangeables on ebay back in January and never got them. :frowning: Apparently the seller I bought them from was moving his warehouse at the time - there are quite a few negative feedbacks around the same time as mine. I didn’t buy insurance, so there’s not much I can do. On a happy note, I did finally get my Boye’s from someone else … for a better price! :happydance:

My kids go to school on the internet and their books come from Virginia to Idaho. It took 2 months for my dd to get a math book because they sent her the wrong one. What I was told was that, at least with UPS, they show preference to the big shippers that use them frequently. Because of gas prices your package will sit there while they send theirs. I was tracking it across the country and it would get stuck in a town for 2 weeks waiting to go out and it was just a little math book. You would think that they could cram it in somewhere!

I am sorry that you had so much bad experience with USPS. i guess you really can’t trust any shipping carriers with valuable stuffs. Last Christmas I order 10 packs of chocolates from Harry and David shipped via UPS. Because they use clear tapes to wrap 2 boxes together, so only 1 shipping label on 1 of the 2 boxes. When the boxes arrived, 1 box was ripped off from the pack, leavinng a dangling packing tape on the other box with the shipping label. I was furious. What can you do ?! I had to call H&D to refund my 1 box’s money.

My husband was a mail carrier for USPS and this would not happen on purpose with USPS, but he did say that incompetence runs rampant with USPS.

incompetence or evil. what a choice!

:oo: Not to stick up for the USPS too much or anything but… we actually have one of the best postal services in the world and the most affordable.

We have relatives overseas and ship things to them. Since having problems with packages not arriving or arriving open or damaged, we have learned a few things. Once the parcel gets to the other country, it falls into their postal service and the other country takes over the delivery process - USPS has no control over delivery time or condition once it leaves their hands.

On average, it costs my MIL 3x as much to mail a birthday card as it does me to mail the same sized card. My card usually arrives at her home within 2 weeks. Her’s arrive here between 2 and 4 months later.

Insurance is SO affordable when mailing packages. It is a PITA to make a claim but, when a package is insured the carriers seem to be more careful just to avoid problems.

I know that it’s frustrating and annoying. I understand the complaints but, to be quite fair, it could be a whole lot worse! :oops: In some countries, you just don’t mail anything of value because chances are it will be stolen by a postal worker. Here, I could put a $20 bill into a birthday card to my neice and feel confident that it would arrive where intended. My MIL says that all birthday cars arrive already opened and taped closed and that’s just the way it is - postal workers search for cash in cards. :shock:

OK, like I said, I don’t want to be blasted for sticking up for them! I just realize that, while it’s not a perfect system and problems occur, the USPS is a whole lot better than the postal services of many, many countries. Oh, and some of these problems that I’m reading about seem to deal with shipper errors - I mean, no carrier can properly deliver packages with no addresses, wrong addresses, improperly packaged items or the dreaded “bait and switch” where sellers send old stuff rather than new stuff on e-bay. Just to be fair.

perhaps I’ve been lucky, but I’ve never had any big problem with the USPS sending my packages. I’ve always put delivery confirmation on them, I don’t know if that helps with the case at all or not.