OT - Unsolicated e-mail

Is it approriate for a retail/internet website to extract my name
from this membership list and send an unsolicited e-mail
about their year end sale?

Personally, I find it offensive.

Pls let me know.

Oh my! I don’t think that is appropriate. Has an establishment actually done this to you? Which one? How are you sure they pulled your email from this site. If my memory serves me correctly, email addresses can’t be obtained from the “Memberlist” here. :thinking: Your screen name can, but not your email. :pout: Hmmm… :??

Now, if you actually typed your email address in one the posts here, then yes - there is software that can pull your address and spam you. :frowning: I still think that is inappropriate too! But j@ck@s$3s still do it. :grrr:

well if they clicked on the e-mail button it would have opened a window within the site to send an e-mail but I don’t see that e-mail button on her post… :thinking: did you just remove your e-mail from your profile?

Otherwise have you posted it on a thread somwhere? If you did, they COULD have gotten it from there but that is definitely a bad way to try and do business.

It’s likely if someone did it to me i would have just assumed i signed up for their news letter, bought from them, and THEN wondered what just happened… :doh: :teehee:

Your email isn’t available in that way. I can send you a message through the board, but I can’t obtain your direct address. I don’t believe that Amy sells her list, either. :shrug:

Was it a site you had visited? Maybe they tracked you back that way? :??

Thanks all

Do not remember ever seeing that website before or signing onto it.
Will wait and see if anyone else gets it also.

What’s the name of the company?