OT- Third Arm

Okay, I know this is horrible, but did anyone see the baby in china who has a fully developed, partially functional third arm? Well I read with interest because they said they were trying to figure out which arm to remove. I think that is awful, as who knows how functional either arm could be. BUT I was fascinated because I was thinking, what if I could knit, and still do something else with the third arm, like HOLD A BOOK?

Anyway, I am just not sure that a perfectly good arm should be removed? And if the child is still so young, maybe with physical therapy he could learn to use all of them?
I can’t make the link work, it is on Yahoo!

I read that niether arm is fully functional, and that he cried whenever either one of his left arms was touched. They don’t know which one is more functional, either.

It’s just crazy looking.

I’m pretty clumsy with the two arms that I have, I can’t imagine what a mess I’d make with three arms.

Well,…I gotta disagree. IMO the surgery would be a good thing and would give the child the best chance for a normal life.

I know. It isn’t fair to ask a child to go through that. I can just imagine in the future, as a teenager, him slamming his door after a bad basketball/baseball/volleyball game and him screaming, “if you hadn’t taken my GOOD arm!”…

Teens are going to whine and complain about the state of their lives whether no matter what. When my kids complain I just tell them we did the best we could at the time with the knowledge we had. That’s all these parents can do.

lol carmen good thinking on the knitting and holding a book =P

I’ve not read the story, I’m guessing the removal would reduce complications later in life (suspect its going to be a hard job for his heart to pump the blood round the additional limb and his already “normal” limbs - could be horrid and end up with gangrene etc) but I do see what you are saying Carmen =D You could pat yer head, rub yer belly and click your fingers all at the same time :wink:

Three arms does sound handy (pun unblushingly intended). I bet official rules for sports don’t prohibit an extra limb. What an advantage that could be in wrestling!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the average reaction to someone with an obvious difference was [size=6][color=blue] Oh, wow, cool! [/color][/size] instead of “ick!” ?

My thoughts exactly!

I could DEFINITELY use a third arm at the organ at church. It would be nice to use for turning pages!

I’ve always said that I would rather have a third arm than all the other stuff I seem to pick up during a pregnancy! You know, extra hips, thighs, butt, and as Hilde would say…boobages. I already had enough of that stuff to start!

Here, I have a link to the story:
I did a search for “three arm boy” and the same AP story came up everywhere. I’m interested to see how his case develops. Poor kid.

Further developments!

Wow. That is pretty amazing, the whole story. I hope he does alright. You know how some news stories just get sort of “locked in” to your through process? Well that is how this one has been for me.