OT: The Seven Things Project

Don’t know if anyone might want to join me in this endeavor, but I have started a year-long project for myself in an effort to declutter my life and live more intentionally in relation to material things. This is a huge struggle for me, and I’m betting I’m not the only one. :lol:

My personal goal is to get 7 things a week out of my house and my life, and to do it without sending it all straight to the trash. I’ve started a blog about the project and the process, and am inviting anyone else out there to join me in weekly check-ins (every Saturday I will have a photo journal of the Saturday Seven). I’m envisioning doing a blog ring sort of thing for anyone who is interested in doing a Saturday Seven on their own blog.

Anyway, I don’t know if anyone here would be interested, but I know that lots of us here have blogs, so I thought I’d at least mention it. You can read more about it at The Seven Things Project. :smiley:

That sounds really cool :thumbsup: ! I’m not sure I could do it though… maybe three things a week at max ^_^;;

Good luck though :cheering:

This is a fantastic idea.

I’m very tempted to join, but I don’t think I could manage 7 things a week. Or rather, the things I would be getting rid of, no one would want.
They are silly sentimental things to me, but would probably be nothing but garbage to someone else.
(A now empty lighter that a friend gave, a clock in the shape of a cat that doesn’t work anymore, rocks I’ve collected over the years that at one time “spoke” to me…etc)

I’m sort of purging my useless junk over the next month. I’m moving (again) and even though I can fit everything I own into a car, I’d like to weed out even more junk.

I don’t think I have enough stuff to be able to give over 300 items away. :lol:

Way to go for less clutter though! I’m with you there. :thumbsup:

A great idea! As a matter of fact, Lonnie and I have been doing something similar for the past year…we have downsized and streamlined just about everything around the house. Alot of things were put in storage, we were chatting about this a few days ago and decided to bite the bullet and go down to storage and just Goodwill many of these things…they are doing us no good in storage and I don’t want to clutter everything again…so, I need to just let it go for good…not always an easy thing to do, though.

What a great plan, Stacey! :cheering: The space and storage in my house is very limited, so I’d love to declutterfy and organize more thoroughly.

I often haul stuff to the Salvation Army (no Goodwill around here) but the problem is I often end up buying stuff while I’m there too! LOL Although really it is stuff I will need in the future, mostly kids’ clothes for now or them to grow in to. My kids go through jeans (the knees of them at least) like they’re made of paper, so I’m always on the lookout for inexpensive jeans.

Have you signed up for the freecycle in your area?

I think that this is a wonderful idea! I think that I will have to join you in this. We have way too much stuff in the little house. :doh:

I think it’s an excellent yet ambitious idea. :smiley: I could really use a decluttering myself. I really hate to throw things in the trash when they are otherwise useful, but my problem is finding recycling or re-ownership solutions so I often end up holding on to things for that reason.


check this site out Debi…it might help solve that issue for you!

of course Goodwill and Salvation Army are available choices as well as churches that have thrift shops. When I moved the last time I just called one of the churches and they came and picked up all the stuff that I wasn’t taking with me (furniture, clothes, bags, dishes…they took it all!) :thumbsup:

oooh y’all…if you are donating your stuff don’t forget to get a receipt for your taxes! :thumbsup:

Is there a “safe zone?” Like my stash? :wink:


Stacey–I’m your newest fan!! I’m SUCH a “ratpack-er”—everything just piles up in the attic and I cannot go up there because I can’t face it!! I HATE throwing away things, and I LOVE to go to yard sales—which isn’t good with my “condition”. I have so much trouble getting rid of things–I don’t know if it relates back to my childhood when I didn’t have anything or what–I know that my mother is exactly the same way though.

I’ll be watching you, and hoping I can someday be doing the Saturday Seven too! You go , Girl! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

What a fantastic idea! :thumbsup:

YAY! I’m so psyched about all the enthusiastic support and am glad some of you will be joining me.

I’ll be posting more soon about the blogring I’m setting up for it, as well as for other ways of checking in for people who don’t do a blog. Maybe we could keep a thread going here?

Yeah, Kristen, I’m a big freecycle fan (my local group is actually a stand-alone group no longer affiliated with the freecycle.org but operating with the same basic principles). I have gotten rid of some stuff in the past through it, and just love it. It helped me think I could actually start doing this project - the idea that people would come to my house and take my stuff away for me is a surprising draw!

And Kirstin, you can definitely make your stash a “safe zone!” :lol:

[p.s. to anyone who wants to try but isn’t ready to do 7 things - feel free to pick your own number and still play along!]

Yay us! :cheering:

Since I’m moving in lil’ less than a month, I’m in a “7 things a day” process.

But good luck to all of you!! :thumbsup:

okay so i decide that today’s the day. i am getting rid of that giant bag of homespun that was going to be an afghan before i realized i hate knitting afghans and homespun and a giant bag of teddy bears that has been waiting for me to decide to go to good will.

so i am going to put them on freecycle and let them be someone else’s problem and get them out of the livingroom.

I CAN’T GET ON YAHOO GROUPS!!! don’t they know i have to strike while the iron is hot so i don’t change my mind and wait several MORE months to get at it??? arg! :wall:

Okay, I’m starting to add blog links to the sidebar of my Seven Things blog, so if you’d like to be listed, please come leave a comment on that post for me to do so. You can join the new blogring, too, but you don’t have to.

And yay, brendajos, for deciding to destash!

lol yeah but did you see WHAT i am destashing? ya don’t see the Koigu or Malabrigo on that list do ya? :wink:

Whew! It’s a good thing. I was worried we’d need to take your temperature! :shock:

lol no kiddin’…AND it is already spoken for. She is meeting me at the LYS on Thursday to pick it up. thankfully it will be closing when she gets there so she won’t tell me to fergit it cuz there is better stuff inside! :wink:

okay i am pretty sure that if i tried to keep up this pace i wouldn’t have anything left in my house by the end of the month :wink: but i am sure i will fizzle out soon…lol

however i did give away a bunch of stuff this week. Craig’s listed most of it with little trouble.

2 bathroom rugs,
3 bathroom pictures,
the matching bathroom accessories,
10 skeins of Homespun yarn (went to people who knit for hospice)
and SIXTY-FOUR pounds of teddy bears (went to the Open Door Mission to be given out to the kids…i believe it was about 300 bears)

I am thinking this week i will likely go through the CDs and DVDs.