OT The page cannot be displayed

[color=blue]I get this message a few times over the course of the day when wandering around the KH site. Then it takes a few minutes before I can access the site again. :frowning: Does anyone else experience this… hmmm :shock: maybe I am on the site too much and it times me out :thinking: nah! can’t be on the site too much, right? :heart:

southern maine[/color]

I got those pages last week twice.

i was getting weird messages earlier in the week and late last week i believe…i just assumed Amy or Sheldon were in working! :thumbsup:

Yep, I’ve been getting that off and on.

[color=blue]Jan I love :heart: your bunny pic.

southern maine[/color]

I get “The post you have requested does not exist” quite a lot.

this is the one i get, when i get a message, which just happened to be just now! :wink:

phpBB : Critical Error

Could not connect to the database

doesn’t happen terribly often though and always goes away in a few seconds so i don’t fret too much! :smiley:

I got that one today for the first time!

Thanks! It’s bunny season!

This is the one I get occasionally too, and I always wonder “is it just me? Is something wrong with my computer?” Kind of like when the electricity goes out and I have to call the neighbors to see if theirs is out too, especially since we live out in the country and can’t tell just by looking!