OT ~ The Cuties That Spice Our Banter

Having been actively involved some three years in the workings of boardlife. I have an extensive, nay Vast collection of dear and precious friends. My emoticon collection.
It would be my honor if a few of them were to find a home in this wonderful place, to spice even more the banter of these halls. Bascially, I’m tired of running to find one when I need it. lol

For your perusal~

Please feel free to use these here or anywhere. I believe emoticons should sparkle any and everywhere
Limme know if you want to see some more.

:cheering: :cheering: I’ll use them on my blog!!! I’m saving them to photobucket now…thanks :wink:

Too cute! I should have known you’d be all over this Rebecca! You are the emoticon queen :slight_smile:

too cute!!! I’ve saved them too, for future use :cheering:

And, if I may ask: do show if you have any others? One can never have too many cute smileys I think :slight_smile:

Those are cute! I think they are very similar if not the same as the ones I use from my bookmarked smiley sites.

Most likely I’ve scoured your sites Jan.

As requested a few more. I’m glad you are liking them.

I’ll try to use more in my regular posting responses.
Funny thing is, that when I first started posting I did not like these guys, I thought they basically were silly, but there is nothing like finding the Exact one to help post a feeling or an emotion. I love them now, o the stories these little guys could tell. :shock:

This lady is my trademark…

~IP Dances~

So how do we use them? I have blogger which is sooooo comoplicated to use. Do I click on a smiley and save it and then post it into a blog entry? :??

I think you would do it just like an image.
I keep mine stored up in photobucket so I can use them anywhere I want, by just posting them as images. Right-click save, making sure you know where they are on your computer so you can find them again when you want to upload them to where ever you want them posted.


That’s what I do, too. I save them to my puter, upload them to photobucket and then use the <img> dealy under the photo on the photobucket site, right click it to save it, then post it in my blog wherever I want to emoticon…u know, since I’m the Queen :rofling: :roflhard: so true, so true!!! You know, I’m very emotional, when I talk with someone in person I’m very expressive, talk with my hands, the whole works…so, since I can’t do that online…emoticons do it for me :wink: Love them :thumbsup:

The sites I get them from you can just use leave them there. No need to save them to your HD. Much easier IMO.

Yeah, there are some that allow hosting. I think it’s their way of promoting their site, which is cool, and yes easier. You just copy/paste the URL for the smiley, and stick it where you want.
Having owned several boards, I needed to have my own bank readily available, and easily accessable. Photobucket does allow coping from a web URL as well, so you really don’t have to save it to your computer either.
All of this sounds very confusing to most, but there are laws about using someones hosting services. If a site makes it clear that you can use it, it’s ok, like the Best Smilies site and a few others, but I have run into issues. Experience has taught me to pay for my own hosting. But I use them more than most I think.
I do know understand what you are saying though Jan.