OT: Thanksgiving

I made homemade pumpkin pie without using dairy. I made it with diluted tofu and all of the guys liked it. :shock:

Eat well and rest well :thumbsup:

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving Beldie, and to all you Canadians!! :heart:

Beldie, isn’t the official day tomorrow? That’s what my (apparently international) calendar says.

Glad you had such a nice meal!

I’ll be right over! :roflhard:

Luckily, my wife does the same thing for me…

ya’ll had me confused for a minute.

Did you think you forgot to cook the turkey? :rofling:

Did you think you forgot to cook the turkey? :rofling:[/quote]


dang close! I was like, oh no… what are we supposed to be doing… who’s coming over… oh s***…

me cook on Thanksgiving??? you have got to be kiddin me! i don’t do big meals. i let someone else half kill themselves!

but i was thinking its not Nov.

I’m with you on the ‘not cooking’ Carmell…we all pitch in & everyone cooks, there’s no one person that does all of the cooking :wink:

Happy Thanksgiving, Belie and all Canadians!!! Sounds yummy, yummy…did u tell them after they ate it that there was no dairy?!

Happy Thanksgiving to Beldie and knitqueen, their families and friends, and all our other wonderful Canadians. :cheering: :cheering:

I’m in the Detroit area, so lots of Canadians around and as co-workers!

Happy Day!


Please, could anyone tell me, in easy language, what is thanksgiving? Of course I have heard of it, and know it has something with pumpkin and tukey to do… but what?
What do you celebrate, and why? :??

In the US, the Thanksgiving feast is supposed to represent a feast between the Pilgrims that first settled here and the Indians that were here already (OK for political correctness–Native Americans).

There is some question that such a feast really took place–some sources say not, some say it lasted a week.

But it is our tradition to have a large, family-filled meal of traditional foods–turkey, pumpkin pie, etc. on the third Thursday in November. It is a time for us to give thanks for all the things we have–family being the most important.

Then next day we start Christmas shopping in earnest!

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know what the Canadians are thankful for–except maybe that they ARE Canadians! One of them will have to fill us all in on the meaning of Thanksgiving in Canada.

Yes, Monday is the actual day, but most people I know celebrate on the Sunday. The guys were funny. I asked them how the pie was and they all said it tasted great and just like pumpkin pie (see, it was my first attempt at baking a pie). I said, “Oh good, because I had to make it with tofu to replace the milk.” They were good about it.

:fingerwag: Ingrid that sounds so meeeeeean!!! [size=2]Actually, I just wanted to use the finger wag enoticon…never have before, and it was FUN!!! [/size]

If you want to know the history of Canadian Thanksgiving, here’s a little website I found that gives the brief story: http://www.kidsturncentral.com/holidays/thanksgiving.htm


We had turkey dinner on Saturday and today. Mmmmmmmmm! :happydance:

Oh, no, no, no–I said I don’t know what Canadians are thankful for except that they are Canadians! That’s a good, prideful, nationalistic thing. I was going to say they were thankful they aren’t Americans, but that might offend someone! :wink:

Here I am late again…Happy belated Thanksgiving!!! I hope it was a peaceful, reflective, relaxing, and joyous time for you!

Ingrid, ya know I was just joking, right?? :wink:

Something I, as a Canadian, am thankful for?..‘knowing’ so many of you crazy knittin’ ladies, Americans and all!!! :wink:

Of course! :happydance:

Thank you all for answering me!